Dear Kathi,
My son has been playing little league baseball for six years now and with each season comes the proverbial trophy.

What can I do with the trophies to keep them on display but dust free? Any suggestions you have would be appreciated! Thank you!

Carol, Folsom, CA


My favorite solution won’t keep the dust away but looks fantastic and saves a lot of space. Consider staggering small shelves all over one wall from high to low creating an interesting visual gallery of your son’s trophies.
The shelves that I typically install measure 6-8 inches long and are very shallow measuring 2-3″ deep. This type of shelf is currently very popular and sold in most stores in sets of three. The beauty of these small shelves is that they keep the trophies up and out of the way but also honored and on display for all to see at a glance. By three-four sets and you should be able to showcase the entire collection.

If your main wish is to keep your trophies dust free, I can suggest two options. First, invest in a bookshelf with glass-doors. These barrister cabinets are fairly costly but will serve you well for years and even generations.

Another option is to purchase clear plastic cubes of varying sizes to accommodate one-three trophies each. These cubes are designed to display collectible baseballs and autographed footballs.

They will keep the dust away but you still have to dust the cubes. These cubes are available at your local container/organization or craft store.

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