I had the good fortune to meet a kindred spirit, Ariane de Bonvoisin at the California Women’s Conference in Long Beach. Ariane is the author of a new book entitled The First 30 Days, Your Guide to Any Change. She considers herself a change optimist! Ariane created the online organization http://www.first30days.com/ to help enable people to learn how to embrace change and now her new book provides 9 easy steps to reinventing your thoughts about change.

As a fellow change agent, I know that change is good. It helps us grow and usually takes us to places beyond our best imagination. It opens our life up to new possibilities. I help people change by changing their working and living environment, schedule or wardrobe. Ariane helps people change by encouraging them to examine their thought process surrounding change.

Her book provides 9 basic principals to help your mind embrace change and make the best of it. Chapter 9, Get Unstuck, is my favorite. She delves into my work as a Professional Organizer and Image Consultant. In the third section of this chapter Ariane writes, “Removing clutter builds confidence during change because it puts you in control of your life. It’s critical to stay organized and not let little things pile up. This may mean anything from moving the furniture to paying your bills. Soon you will feel the power of choice returning rather than the uncertainty of the future dictating your life.”

I know this to be true and have witnessed it firsthand with my clients. If you feel stuck and can’t move, start where it is easiest. The area that is typically easiest to change is your environment. Start there, move or organizing a few objects and see what new opportunities begin to appear in your life. My upcoming book, Master Your Muck~ Create Space, Organize, Live Your Passion! is a great supplement to Ariane’s book as hers is to mine. I am blessed to have met this fabulous woman whose purpose so closely aligns with mine!

Ariane’s book The First 30 Days, Your Guide to Any Change, is a ’must read’ if you are going through a major life crisis. If you worry or become disabled when the unexpected happens and rocks your world, this book will help you move into action. It also is a great read for those of us who love to embrace change. It affirms the addSpace To Your Life! philosophy that change always means something good is just around the corner!