Everyone needs one perfect LBD – otherwise known as the little black dress. It is one of my 18 Essential Wardrobe Elements. I have had so many clients over the last decade but a few of them really remain vivid in my mind.

One of my clients really wanted to reinvent her style during a major career transition. Many of my clients request a shift with their image after they graduate from school, get a promotion or switch careers. It is so smart and savvy to update your clothes when you update your life and those that call on me know this instinctually and then call on a professional for help.

My Vintage Client

This client was very special and simply loved the look and feel of vintage clothes. When she requested that I find her the perfect little LBD that was vintage inspired I thought I had a tall task on my hands BUT amazingly, this job was not a challenge at all! I was searching specifically for 40’s inspired pieces and was lucky enough to find several off the rack with little effort. Frequently the stars align perfectly with my quests!

I found this dress

As I mentioned, my client looks fabulous and feels great in classic vintage inspired clothes. The lines are a perfect fit for her body and also for her personality. As you can see with the final dress she chose from the choices I presented, it is ultra feminine and very flattering. It is so unique and form-fitting, it should be couture!

We also found beautiful cardigans with interesting beadwork, lacy camisoles and peep-toe pumps to reinforce her new style throughout her entire wardrobe.

We even found this simple and stunning ivory satin dress below which later became her wedding gown. Yay! I love it when we can repurpose our wardrobe to go from one event to another! In fact that is the essence of the perfect little black dress. My LBD can go from work to a wedding with a simple change of accessories and I consider this ideal for my lifestyle and preferences.

Every Woman Deserves a Little Black Dress Regardless of Her Size or Physical Limitations

My phone rang one day and the lady on the line waged a challenge to me. She had recently found my article online about the little black dress and desperately needed a to find a new one for her formal affairs.

She was frequently invited to black tie affairs

This amazing client was often awarded and celebrated for her work during black tie affairs. With her unique physical challenges she had nothing to wear. She said that finding a little black dress for her shape and size was impossible! I knew with enough searching, I could find the perfect little black dress for anyone. I have never been foiled yet!

Her challenges were that she was a plus size woman and had curvature of her spine along with foot problems. All of these challenges combined normally prevented her from wearing ‘off the rack’ clothes. As a stylist I am prepared to handle these situations and, in fact, LOVE them. I think this is why I will always appreciate the opportunity to help women who need special assistance.

Separates Unite!

knew that the best route was to find separate pieces so that we could accommodate her back and still provide coverage for her arms. The black dress that I found was perfect because it fit her in all of the right places and had see-through sleeves and back so it did not appear overly heavy on her frame.

The fabric was light so she was not uncomfortably hot throughout the evening. I found a silver pashmina to keep her warm and  add a bit of glam to her outfit during the holiday months.

As an aside, the bonus outfit is one of her new casual outfits. Once the wider leg on the trousers are hemmed properly, they will help to balance her top half. BTW – the v-neck is good for almost every body!

The LBD Bottom Line

No matter what your shape is or what your specific challenges are (and we have at least one!), there is a little black dress out there calling your name. You can find it.

Once you find it, and it is a classic, you will probably never let it go!

If you need help finding the perfect LBD or any other clothing or simply want to reinvent your style, call on me! It is what I do and together we can create whatever image you desire AND itis super fun! when we shop you will be queen for the day and your only job is to try on and swivel! Contact me for more info.