Tis the season to layer multiple necklaces and wear bold chunky earrings. With cool weather and sweaters, layered necklaces help balance the bulkiness of your sweater. Bold and larger earrings provide the same effect. Since fashion trends tend to repeat every 30 years, big chunky earrings from the 80’s are the hot accessory this season.

When you layer your necklaces, make sure to combine short with long. Combining chains with pearls is also a really current look right now. If you have been remiss about breaking out your pearls and they have been neglected for the past few years, here is your chance!


Michelle Obama joins into this trend frequently by combining two necklaces together for her outfits.

Broaches are also back! Pull out your vintage pins and attach them near the neckline of your dress for a more modern twist on the traditional lapel placement. If you are feeling more adventurous, use your broach to clasp your multiple necklaces together.

Whatever you decide to wear, make it bulky to offset the layers and bulk of your winter outfits. Even if your apparel is not bulky, this is the time to chunk it up with your accessories!