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I have a job interview in late August for a marketing position in the healthcare field. I’m not sure how to dress for it in the hot weather. I am confident on how to dress for interviews in the cooler months but summer stumps me. Most of my interview pants and blazers are darker colors and I’m so used to wearing sandals all summer. What colors are good to wear and are dressy sandals acceptable?

Amy Spindler > Grand Rapids, Michigan


Sandals are probably not appropriate attire in the health care industry, especially during a job interview You can, however, wear sling back pumps with a heel. I would also advise against mules for interviews. They can be sloppy and don’t fare well with panty hose.

A dark colored suit is a safe choice for interviews. For the summer, you can punch up a dark suit with a brightly colored blouse and even colored shoes or bag. Shoes and bag do not need to match as long as they coordinate with the rest of your outfit. Make sure that you look like you are ready to get down to business with every clothing item pressed and neat.

Check that your collar is neatly in place especially if you are wearing two, your blouse and your suit coat. Spend a few extra moments on your hair to make it well coifed. Check your nails. Clear gloss or French manicure is the most appropriate, avoid reds and bright nail colors. Keep bright accent colors in your shoes or bag.

Carry a crisp all-purpose bag or briefcase to the interview equipped with a pen, paper and schedule book to write any important details or instructions. Crisp implies that this bag will stand upright without crumpling over when it is placed on the floor beside your interview chair. All-purpose bags are the new women’s alternative to a briefcase. These bags look like purses but are large enough to hold 8.5 x 11 file folders and papers and sometimes even a laptop.

If you know what your interviewer will be wearing or what the other managers in your department wear daily, dress accordingly. You will want to appear to be one of their staff during the interview. Aspire to dress as well as the head of marketing for your interview and they will perceive you as a go-getter with true management potential!

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