Are your papers organized? Would you like an easy to use paper organizing system?

The Wall Street Journal reports the average U.S. executive loses six weeks per year retrieving misplaced information from messy desks and files simply from not being organized.

The Small Business Administration claims that when paperwork is mishandled it will detract from a company’s ability to service customers, increase sales and improve their bottom line. Paper piles are not organized, no matter how much you think they might be.

Are Your Papers Piled Instead of Filed?

Do you have a proper filing system? A proper system means that it not only helps you find papers quickly but also helps you get rid of papers that you no longer want, need or use. If not, you can easily get your papers organized in your home or office and under complete control with the help of Freedom Filer.

Freedom Filer is the only paper organizing system in the world that helps you get your papers gone once they are no longer useful. The majority of most paper filing systems contain papers (over 80%) that have never been seen once filed.

If you need help getting your system built and ready to roll, call on me. I am a certified paper flow specialist. I have home-based businesses, corporations and simply individuals with simple filing needs all on this system. It is completely customizable and works for every need.

With my help, your papers will be under control and flowing out or your life on a regular basis!

In person and tele-consulting appointments available. Call me at 760.436.4266 or email for details: [email protected]

Watch this video to see what one of my corporate clients says about  the benefits of having this paper flow system in her daily work life

This video is from another client who with a home-based business explaining what this file system has done for his life and his increased productivity:

Home-based Happy Filing Client Testimonial from Kathi Burns, CPO on Vimeo.