There are two very popular interests related to the home: getting rid of clutter and improving feng shui. I receive questions on one, the other, or both often. It is incredibly important for everyone to have good energy (feng shui) in their home, and clutter can take away from that energy in a few different ways. Naturally, one way to improve the feng shui (energy) of your home is to eliminate clutter. Let’s explore the four different types of clutter and how each can hinder a positive feng shui feel in our homes.

1. Unused, unloved items

If you don’t use it, and you don’t love it, you don’t need it. Sort through the items that fill your space and ask yourself why you still have them. There are two main reasons why people hang on to things that they really don’t need: guilt and memories. Trust me, you will not forget your momentous times if you let go of a particular relic that represents a special time. If you feel guilty about throwing something away even if it serves no purpose, you might want to do some introspection to find out why you feel the way you do. The continued damage these items cause to your feng shui will be worse than the temporary guilt of letting these items go.

2. Disorganized or untidy items

Your home is an extension of your own personal energy. Disorganization and untidiness are direct results of carelessness and a lack of attention. Do you feel that your environment isn’t worth cleanliness and organization? I often find that individuals with this type of clutter also have a physical appearance to match. Cleaning and organizing your living space can cause you to put more effort into your own appearance as well. This can quickly boost self-esteem, and improve your feng shui.

3. So many items, so little space

Where I live, in Southern California, small living spaces that are overflowing with belongings are common. Living in a smaller space than you are used to can be a good thing if you have learned to simplify your life. For most of us, however, clutter is created because we have trouble letting go of enough items to fit a smaller lifestyle. Have you ever read Chic Simple? They say that our quality of life doesn’t come from accumulating things, but trimming down to the bare essentials. I am inclined to agree. Open space is a necessary element of quality mental health. That’s why my company (and my column) are called addspace To Your Life!

4. Projects we never get around to

One feng shui principal expresses that unfinished business in your home means unfinished business in some area of your life. These unchecked issues in your life may haunt the back of your mind and drain your energy. As your conscious mind suppresses your problems and things let undone, your energy is robbed from you. Completing those things in your life that are not complete will give you a surge of energy and heighten your spirit.

Overall, having space and order in your environment create a path for energy to flow, and a place for new beginnings. Just about everyone would like something new to begin in their lives. Clearing out clutter will change the way you and your family think about things and give you new experiences. Do you see the connection between clutter and feng shui? I wouldn’t be surprised if you released yourself from clutter today!