Five Dressing Tips for a Holiday Get-Together

If you are tired of wearing the standard red and green holiday attire during the upcoming holiday season, try these tips. They will ensure that you don’t get mistaken for one of Santa’s little helpers.

Use pops of red

Don’t drown yourself in red, instead pop this dramatic color in your shoes or your bag

Choose deep jewel tones

greens and cranberry in rich fabrics

Allude to the holiday theme

There is nothing wrong with being subtle. Try not to wear all red or all green or both combined. It is way too obvious and lacks imagination.

Sequins have a big impact

I suggest not wearing sequins unless you know that the party really is a formal one unless  your sequins are scattered about in very small amounts. Sequin gowns at non-formal events scream either (a) HELP! I’M STUCK IN 1992! or (b) I have nowhere else to wear this, and really, really, really wanted to!

Tasteful cocktail holiday attire

A classic cocktail dress with minimal beading or a sequined neckline is perfect. For the love of all things holy, please don’t wear head-to-toe glitter. Check out this article to help you find the perfect little Black Dress – your personal LBD.

Think about who you are mixing and mingling with

When selecting your holiday attire acknowledge your audience. If you are attending a work party, you it always helps to look sophisticated.  That doesn’t mean that you have to come in your typical suit.  Switch it up a little by pairing the classic black dress pants with a fun, colorful sequin top.

Meetings the In-laws?

If os, you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard on this holiday, and very unique, occasion.  My tried and true suggestion, wear a classic sweater paired with dress jeans and a fabulous overcoat.  Add a little kick to your look with stylish boots and small accessories with a little sparkle.

Be Comfortable

No matter what you decide to wear for this years holiday attire, make sure you feel comfortable.  If you are in an outfit that feels terribly uncomfortable, know that the outfit is as well.  If you feel comfortable,  you are more confident and it shows.  Being comfortable in your own skin and in your chosen outfit is the biggest tip for successful style!!