Off Season Sports Clothes

Hi Kathi,

Thanks for the great tips on sock organization…. It seems to be working great…but I have a challenging question in regards to seasonal clothing.  My family of four is deep into outdoor sports.  The fishing and boating things overwhelm the garage but at least they’re in the garage.

What is really putting a thorn in everything is the hunting equipment. The clothes are in vacuumed storage bags that I keep in totes in our coat closet.  Due to the nature of the sport, I have to keep clothing for four people scent free. The types of clothes range from lightweight t-shirts and shorts for the start of the season to heavy overalls for those cold mornings in the field.  I am guessing I have about dozen totes.  Under bed storage is taken by the archery equipment kept in hard cases.
Is there a way to store these totes of clothing in “no climate control” environment without picking up musky or fowl odors?  I have a lot of room in the attic or an outdoor workshop. Our regular winter jackets were a lot more convenient in the hall closet.


Hi Melissa,

It sounds like you are already using Space Bags for your off-season clothes. You can insert cedar chips/ wood pieces into the bags before you seal them up and this will keep any smells at bay. They are supposed to be air-tight so you should not have odor problems.

Even though the bags are waterproof I would still recommend an additional precaution for your plastic tubs: If you are storing in a potentially damp area, use Damp-Rid cups to absorb moisture from the air. Make sure to check these once a month or so and empty the cup of water and replace the water absorbing crystals.

You might not be familiar with an additional space bag product. They now offer hang up space bags. If you like, you could shrink your winter jackets as well and keep them on hangars in the hall closet in the off-season months.

I hope this helps. Maybe your family should take up ping pong as their hobby?