Last Sunday I spent a bit of time purging and organizing my linen closet. I found out that what I teach is often what I most need to learn!

Organizing Your Linen Closet and Downsizing Your Sheet Collection

Part of the reason we do not let go is indecision. We cannot decide what to keep and what to let go of. This was part of my muck as I began to sort my linens. In fact, this is what has kept me from doing this task for the past 6 months. The tags on the sheets fade and/or the size is never clearly marked.

Because I couldn’t read the tags, I was not sure what size sheets I owned. This made it all but impossible to determine how many of each size sheet I had in my closet.

I feel that every bed should only have two sets of sheets, one for ‘in use’ and the other waiting… Most of us, including myself, before this weekend, has way too many sheets! We buy them and then neglect to get rid of the old sets. After all, they might come in handy as drop cloths or whatever excuse we make up in our mind for needing to kep them on hand.

So, in order to help make the decision about which sheets to get rid of, I decided to measure them. This definitely tis a 2 person job and I am so thankful that I had someone on hand to help!

Before we began this process we found a great website that gave us measurements for each type of sheet. After that, we measured and sorted into piles – full, queen, king: flat, fitted, duvet etc.

Once I knew how many sheets of each size I owned, it was really easy to get rid of my excess. Yippee!

Here is the bedding size chart that I found online at

Remember, you only need two sets of sheets per bed. You can keep three sets at the most per bed and only if you have an extra seasonal set: flannels, silks etc…