Create a Holiday Organizing Binder – Create one this year and use it for years to come!

Save Your Christmas Card List in a Word Document so you can open it every year when you send cards. Throughout the year you can update and add new addresses. After the holidays, it will be easier to edit and add addresses from the cards you received. Mail cards early before all the busyness of the holiday starts. Buy the cards at the end of the season and save for the next year so you can start addressing cards before season begins next year.

Gift List as an Excel Spreadsheet – print it and put it in your purse or wallet. that has a list of names of people to buy for and I start collecting links to gifts to buy for them. Keep a list all year long on computer for people you buy gifts for. When you see an idea or they mention something they would like I add it to the list. When it’s time to shop I have great ideas for everyone.

Take a weekday off in early December to shop – Take a Tuesday or Wed off in early December and avoid frantic last minute and weekend warriors. 

Create a Hostess Gift Bin Make sure to buy extra small hostess gifts for spur of the moment parties this season and throughout the year.

Create a Gift Theme this year and buy all of your gifts around this theme. Keep it simple: candles and candle platters, linens to include napkins, tablecloths wine accessories such as wine glass tags, cork screws, wine glasses…

Organize a Holiday Sweet Swap. Every person makes a huge batch of one recipe then swaps with each other. This way you don’t have to buy a ton of different ingredients you just have to buy for your one recipe. I LOVE doing this

Stock up on food and gift wrapping staples this week that you know you are going to need for those holiday meals, and tape and ribbons and bows and anything else that you can get a head start on.

Prepare a food backup: of casseroles, snack foods and cold desserts in early December.


Bake and freeze – start making Christmas cookies and baked goods a few weeks earlier than last year. Freezing the cookies/desserts will make the holidays so much less stressful because you won’t have to bake at the last minute.

Give Gift Cards for Local Services – These are clutter free and thoughtful gifts while keeping your shopping simple and stress free while helping local small businesses. Consider gift certificates for professional services such as organizing, massage, spa treatments or image consulting.