This client flew in from Canada to update her wardrobe. She is a horsewoman who was used to wearing oversize sweaters and faded jeans with mucky boots because of her hobby and the cold climate.

She traveled frequently and was tired of feeling frumpy and under dressed especially when traveling to Europe or larger cities where folks are more fashion forward.


I only had a few days to pull together a new wardrobe that worked for her lifestyle, body shape and cold climate.

She is what I call an ‘emerald’ shape or a ‘long and lean’ so my goal was to build curves into her figure and silhouette. I also had to find clothes that she felt comfortable wearing that were a step up from her uniform of jeans, tshirts and sweaters.

Her glasses were a bit outdated and too large for her face so I wanted to find better frames for her as well.


I found some really nice empire seamed dresses and fitted jackets which will draw the eye to her tiny waistline and give her great built-in curves.

I also advised her to button one of the buttons on her sweaters and jackets so that the clothing seams I selected would play a larger part in building her curves. We were able to find a couple of pairs of cute boots to get her through winter a bit more stylishly than her old ‘comfortable’ shoes.

After shopping, we took a trip up the coast to my salon of choice and gave her a new hairstyle which made her hair look much healthier.

New glasses were also selected to make her new look completely current. We found two new pairs that worked perfectly for her face shape and size. One pair had great style for everyday wear and another pair with red rims are for the days when she is feeling sassy!

What my client said:

Hi Kathi,

Had dinner with my fashion savvy girlfriend tonight and she gives thumbs up to what she saw.  She says I look very put together and she likes the hair.  I told her wait till she sees my cute dresses later. Hope you are well.

Linda Kim