No matter what your size or shape you can find the perfect little black dress – LBD- and sometimes (drum roll, controversy etc… ) it might even be midnight blue!

Let’s explore together why we all want (and should) own the perfect little black dress.

For starters, what defines the ultimate little black dress? Is it a maxi, a mini, knee length or a formal gown?

I had a chuckle looking the LBD up in the Urban dictionary and although I found humor in their description, I think they were almost missing the point. To me the ultimate LBD is  best described in the one line that reads : One that looks as if it was made for your body and your body only. One that makes you feel sexy the second you put it on.

With that phrase in mind, I would also say that the perfect LBD can also be navy – aka – little blue dress because let’s face it, black is not that sexy on every woman!

My take on the LBD

As a stylist and image consultant, I feel there are several things you should look for when you go out to buy one. (for starters – take someone with you. A trained professional always makes it much easier and more fun > hint hint…)

The most important features of your new LBD

Even more important than its designer label or trendiness — is how well it flatters you. It should be your ‘go to’ dress that works for every occasion and also the one that you feel the most beautiful and comfortable wearing.

Not a perfect size 6? No worries…

Don’t get alarmed about finding a ‘little’ black dress just because you are not a perfect size 6. The majority of women in the US are a size 12 or 14. The idea behind the ‘little’ black dress is that it flatters your figure and makes you ‘look’ and feel sexy.

Simple silhouettes like the A-line and sheath are typically the most flattering for all body types. Hemlines that end at the smallest part of your knee will flatter your legs.

Not every dress cut will work for your body so you’ll need to do some research on your specific challenges and assets.

This is where a professional stylist truly helps your mission. I have found that most of us are so very critical of what we consider our worst assets, that we automatically avoid new shapes or styles that look be fabulous for our figure.

Finding the dress that flatters

This is as much about playing up your best features as it is about hiding what’s not perfect and this is why I have a job! Not sure what your best asset is? Ask a friend or significant other. Or go to a fine women’s clothing store and enlist the salesperson’s help.

The easiest way to look fabulous in your little black dress is to show off your best features. If your legs are spectacular, show them off with a short, fitted dress and stilettos. If you have gorgeous eyes, play them up with off-the-face hair, beautiful makeup and jeweled earrings.

Keep in mind that once you find that perfect dress, you will want to wear it year-round – so buy it in a silk, brocade, organza, or jersey. Fabrics like velvet and satin are best reserved for winter holidays.

If you don’t yet have the perfect LBD in your closet, I can help! No matter what your size or shape there is the perfect little dress out there and waiting for you! Make sure to have the perfect LBD stashed away in your closet for the next special event that pops onto your calendar.

Keep it simple

With minimal ornamentation, this little number will serve you for years whether it is a holiday party, wedding, anniversary, first date, funeral or corporate event. Change out your accessories for the occasion and you will be good to go and looking fabulous for every occasion!

Want some inspiration? Click here to see a few of my real life client transformations and the stories behind finding their LBD’s. Check it out – you will love their stories and see their before and afters!

Having challenges finding your LBD? I would love to help! Feel free to submit your questions to: [email protected]