Hello Kathi,
I did spring cleaning. I filled 5+ bags of clothes, and a bag of shoes for Goodwill :))
But OMG! Those early 90’s leather boots have been sitting for over 15+ years on the bottom of my closet:

Stove-pipe shape… A truly hideous type of boots. And the ooold leather (inside and outside) was stiff like plastic (I hope you can see it on the photo).. Ewwwwwwwwww!! Nasty! We have to respect the difference between donating something that poor people could reasonably need, versus just trying to foist our clutter off on someone else and make ourselves feel better because we “donated it”. So I did it. Compacted those old boots as small as possible and stuffed them straight into the big back kitchen garbage bag. I hate to toss things, but those boots… just plain old unsanitary shoes with the value 0.00 dollar. Did i do a good job? I´m correct that the boots were 100% garbage/0% donation items (+ 100% uuugly lollol)?
I hope you send me a reply :))

Best Regards


Hi Victoria,
I congratulate you on your motivation to spring clean your closet! I am not certain if I agree with your decision to send your boots to the landfill. They looked like they were in good enough shape that someone could use them, with plenty of sole remaining etc. I typically send questionable items to the donation facility and let them decide because they have much more experience knowing what is worthy of donating or not.

Also, I have to admit that right now, more than ever,  my viewpoint is biased. During the NAPO National conference last week I learned that 600 million kids are without shoes and that Americans alone throw out over 600 million pairs of shoes each year into our landfills! It seems ironic that the numbers matched up this year. So, with that being said, I realize that your boots would not have helped a child but none the less… might have helped someone. This is my inclination.

With that being said, I still think that you did a tremendous job and deserve credit for taking your closet from disorganized and full of ancient history into one that serves you now. Great job!

Thanks for your comment and keep in touch.