Bathroom Organization

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Situation: Papers and other non-bathroom related items clogging up the bathroom counter space. Duplicate items were purchased frequently because the back-up stock of items could not be located.

Solution: Clear off all non-related items. Make room in cabinets below for bathroom toiletries. Separate all his and her items and create a storage solution behind closed doors. We reused the towel holder to hold and display necklaces for easy access in the morning. The porcelain tray on the counter catches earrings and items emptied from pockets in the evening. The hair dryer and curling iron is tucked into a drawer while not in use but kept plugged in for quick access.

What Our Clients Say:

“My husband says now he feels that he has to keep his side of the bedroom/bathroom clean. He was really glad to see the change and loves it! I love my bathroom counter. I am motivated to put things away to keep it looking nice all of the time. The necklace holder works really well.

I have more drive and energy and we actually worked on the garage last weekend. I decided to get each family member to do only 4-5 things each. This made it really easy to get a lot accomplished.”

Debbie, San Diego”