Bedroom organization is crucial to creating an environment that is soothing and conducive to relaxation. Many of us have the need to store things in our bedrooms and our closets. There is a way to make the most of the space that you have and still have a bedroom that feels like a place to unwind.

Your Closet

If your closets and drawers are stuffed or overflowing, it is time to get rid of some of your clothes. You will be more likely to put your clean clothes away if you feel that you have space for them.

Organize your shoes on the floor of your closet. if you must keep your shoes outside of the closet, try using a shoe organizer. Creating the open space on the floor can do wonders for your bedroom, and help you to relax.

DVDs, CDs, and Books

Many people watch television, read or listen to music in their bedroom. Be sure to keep all movies and CDs in their appropriate cases, and neatly stack or arrange them. No need to put them into categories like genre or arrange them alphabetically, just make sure they look neat and are easy to access. This way you can avoid the subconscious guilt you get when they are all over the place.

Think vertically

Even though some bedrooms lack a tremendous amount of square footage, many offer high ceilings. If you install high shelves above head for things that you don’t need often (like off-season clothes) you are using your vertical space to your advantage. You can even create some recessed spaces for storage inside of your wall. This way you can avoid extending shelves into the space of the room. You may even want to add small doors to cover them.

If you don’t have very much space around your bed, use a headboard with cabinets rather than bedside tables. This can hold lamps, books, glasses, or any essential you want to keep near you at night. In the rest of the room, use a tall and narrow dresser and/or corner cabinets to add to your bedroom storage space.

Use a more compact entertainment center for your television and stereo and any related items. Another option is to purchase a DVD and CD tower that mounts to the wall.

Bedroom organization is very important. You will feel the freedom of having claimed a piece of your life back when you take the time to reorganize the rooms that you spend most of your time in. Most of us feel that we are too busy for organization projects, and we can’t afford to just hire a maid. Taking some time over the weekend to claim our lives back with a little organization is well worth the sacrifice. You will find that your stress level will be lower.

Creating a peaceful sanctuary in your bedroom is a start. Organization is the key. Make plans to fix it today.