Dear Kathi,

I’m going through menopause and I can’t seem to find anything that feels or looks good when I wear it. Everything seems frumpy and when I flash I am unbearably hot even when the air conditioning is at full blast. Help! I can’t run around naked at the office and I can’t stand my wardrobe for much longer!

Betty, Carmel Valley


It sounds as if you are ready for a fashion makeover. Layering your shirts can be the key to your success and comfort during hot flashes. Many women layer during this time but often choose the wrong types of fabric for this task. Find the lightest weight fabrics you can buy. Cottons and blends will help keep your temperature regulated and absorb moisture when necessary. Lightweight fabrics can be layered as many as three pieces at a time without feeling restrictive. Most importantly avoid wearing baggy shapes and choose clothes that skim your body. This will help you feel more fashionable and less frumpy.

Skirts are a great wardrobe choice if you run hot and cold. They are very forgiving during hot flashes. Make sure the waistband is not too tight. Avoid elastic waistbands because they tend to restrict your body. Opt for waistlines that lie flat against your body. Side zipper designs are more comfortable and cooler than front zips. When you feel a hotflash approaching, remove a top layer and then another if necessary.

If you work in an office, consider keeping a pair of sandals under your desk or slipping off your shoes discreetly while you are at your desk. Cooling your feet will drop your heat level a few degrees quickly.

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