There really is a perfect “little black dress” for every figure, whether you are a size 0 or a size 18. The perfect dress will skim your body and highlight your best features. Other must-have qualities of the timeless ‘little black dress” will be simple lines, around knee length and figure flattering in all of the right places.

You can find the perfect dress for your body if you spend the time it takes to try on several styles, sleeve lengths and necklines. Keep these addSpace ‘tricks of the trade’ in mind while you shop for the perfect black dress.

Fit, Fit, Fit!

Do not compromise with this element. The perfect black dress will skim and never cling to your body and will emphasize all of your best assets.

Keep it Classic, Keep It Simple

If you are going to spend the time required to find the perfect black dress, make sure to invest in a classic cut. Sheath cuts, V-necklines and simple seaming will last for years outperform every passing fad.

Emphasize Your Best Assets

Long Legs – Cut the hemline just above the knee to showcase how long and shapely they really are

Shoulders – choose an ‘off the shoulder’ number

Décolletage – wear a scooped or vneck to show off your beautiful skin

Arms – GO sleeveless, even consider long gloves to emphasize your firm upper arms

Deemphasize The “Not So Great” Parts Of Your Physique

Short Legs – Make sure the hemline falls above the knee.

Flat Chest – Find a style with ruching, layers or patterning near the breast line.

Sloped Shoulders – Choose ¾ or long sleeves. Avoid scooped necklines.

Mottled décolletage – Consider a low-cut back as a sophisticated alternative.

Flabby Upper Arms – Forget sleeveless, consider capped sleeves if they fall below your problem area or keep it safe and choose ¾ or long sleeves.

Choose Knee Length – The best length for this dress is knee length. It is a timeless hemline that will keep your dress current even while hemlines rise and fall. Cut your hemline at the skinny part of your knee to emphasize the curve. If your knees do not have a skinny part, raise or lower the hemline to emphasize either the knee itself (slightly above) or the calf (just below the knee and above where the natural curve begins).

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