Dear Kathi,

I am beginning to plan for the holidays and already feel outnumbered by the mountain of tasks that lie ahead in the next month. My largest and most dreaded task every year is to mail out holiday cards. I hate doing this and typically wait until the last possible moment. What can I do to make this task more enjoyable?

Joy (although I don’t feel joyous today) Leucadia


Do you keep a master list from year to year, or do you try to recreate it every year? If you don’t already have a master list, create one this year. Collect all of the envelopes and cards you receive this year into one space and compile a master list from these after the holidays subside. With your newfound list, you will have the option to send a St. Patrick’s Day or other special occasion card.

Every year after the holidays, update your list with new addresses and returned cards.

Consider mailing Thanksgiving cards. Thanksgiving cards are warmly received and also give you an opportunity to send your greetings before the holiday rush begins. Many card manufacturers now offer a mailing service and will even address, label and mail your cards for you!

Another alternative is to create a customized holiday card on your computer. You can include a recent family photo or write a special greeting that can be reproduced on demand.

Have you ever yet received a holiday card online? There are many cute holiday cards on the web that you can send via email. Check out Many services are free and provide the opportunity to write a unique message. At you can send a custom family photo and even choose a song to go with an animated greeting. All you need to complete this task is a running email list of your friends and family. Your card will receive special attention and won’t be lost among the other cards received by your friends.

Remember you are never obligated to send holiday cards. If you feel too hectic this year, go easy on yourself and take a year off.

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