Dear Kathi,

I am ready to clean out my closet and get rid of a lot of my clothes. I would like to create a new wardrobe that is better for my body type. I am wide at the hips and have really long legs. What type of slacks should I purchase?

Kristin, Encinitas


You should always try to create an elongating line over your torso. You can do this by wearing tops that fall below your hips with vertical lines. These lines will slim your hips and can be found designed into the seaming or literally in stripes woven into the fabric. Never wear horizontal details across your hips. Choose slacks that are cut wide at the bottom, either boot cut or flared, never straight-legs. The wider width at the bottom of your figure will offset the width of your hip area. Avoid wearing clunky, chunky shoes. Finish off the bottom half of your outfit with narrow, streamlined shoes. Pointy shoes look fabulous with wide pants. Keep an open mind if you haven’t tried them yet. There are many comfort styles now on the market where the point starts after your toe ends. The best pant style for most body types, and yours in particular, is flat front, no pockets and a side zipper. Avoid pleats, back flap and side slit pockets. These details will pucker and pooch in the areas you want to de-emphasize. Have fun shopping and take a friend or image consultant with you. It always helps to have another set of eyes on your backside when you purchase slacks!

Kathi is a professional organizer, image consultant and event planner based in San Diego California.

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