Dear Kathi,

Women go through many changes in their lives. Making the transition from work clothing to retirement is my most difficult challenge. My eyes still wander to classic clothing when shopping instead of cute, fun, playful, retirement appropriate styles.

Thanks for all your help with what works after 60.


Dear Pat,

I am a strong believer in classic timeless wardrobes. That being said, it is really fun to play with trends throughout your life and this should not stop as you get older. I love seeing retirees embracing a few of the latest trends when it is done ‘right”. You need to create a balance between trends and your own personal style. As we age, it is generally more stylish to accentuate the classic with only small homage to trends.

I think the proper way to have fun is to mix new ideas with tried and true classics that you know already work for your body. For instance, I am flying to work with a client in Ohio today. In the airport, I saw a stunning woman who appeared to be in her 70’s. She had on her basic black slacks which fit perfectly, a tweed jacket and then really unusual shoes that were the young hip, sporty tennis shoe style. Her shoes combined with her  modern hair style made her look youthful and classic all at the same time.

If there is any advice I will follow when I reach retirement age it will be this: Stick with the lines and styles that work for my body, not against it. Combine new trends that work  with my classic standbys to create an image that has a little hint or element of the youthful ‘look’ of the day, whatever that might be at the time.

I don’t ever want to fall into the complacency of wearing clothes simply because they are ‘comfortable’.  I will not get stuck in my old ways like other retirees often do, but instead will always strive keep current in some fashion or another. That being said, I think where some older women go wrong is that they completely ditch what they have been wearing for years and construct entire outfits entirely with current trends. This creates an image of trying too hard and often looking quite foolish.

Whether you are young or old, the key to keeping in style is wearing clothes that are classic cuts in the right color and the perfect fit for you. Pay homage to the current trends by adding them to your outfit in the form of a blouse, shoes, bag, haircut or accessory. This will not only help your budget but will also keep your style authentically you!