Dear Kathi,

I am a sales rep and work out of my car. There are always disorganized piles of papers, pens and trash. I have to keep my sales kits, phone, laptop and many other types of collateral materials with me throughout the workweek. I need a good way to organize these items along with a strategy to declutter my car easily for the weekends when I am not working.

Keith, Oceanside


Car organization is a common problem and clutter can get out of control quickly. Begin by completely emptying your car. Sort your items into work related and non-work related piles.

After your car is completely emptied, sort through these piles. Discard the papers and objects no longer serve a purpose. Divide the remaining items into ‘like with like’ sections.

Papers should be sorted and categorized either in a plastic file box or an accordion folder, based on the quantity involved.

It is a good idea to keep small plastic boxes with lids in the trunk. Use shoebox or larger sizes to hold extra office supplies.
Keep extra pens in the side door pocket along with a small notepad. Make sure to keep a trash receptacle of some sort within your car.

On the weekends, simply sort any loose paperwork into the file box and move the entire box to the trunk. Collect any other loose business items and put them into your supply boxes in the trunk. Your car should then be clear and ready for non-business activities on the weekend!

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