Situation: A garage that had been converted into a musician’s studio and office with a sleeping loft. There were too many instruments, amplifiers, and sound equipment and seemingly too little space.


Challenge: Finding a place to store extra amps, microphones and mixing boards. Also taking back control of the desktop and cabinets.

Solution: We unloaded the one closet to see what was inside. Many of the items were building supplies and old manuals. Once that was emptied, we were able to move all of the extra amps, mics, soundboards and bags into the closet.

We also took inventory of all office supplies and redesigned the inset cabinet and shelf for extra supplies. After installing the Freedom Filer file system, all file cabinets were in great shape and we were even able to get rid of the rolling cart cabinet.

These photos unfortunately do not give justice to the real end result. Weeks later the parts came in so that we could hang all extra  guitars and except for the stand up bass on the wall. This got them off the floor and they became ‘works of art’ while not in use.