Moving Boxes

I received a question the other day that made me search for more information. You might have wondered this as well so I thought I would ask an expert and answer in detail.

Dear Kathi -I ordered moving boxes and supplies and received three sizes of moving boxes in my moving kit. I am not sure what I should place in each of the different sized boxes?

Professional movers use standard sizes of moving boxes so they can consistently pack specific items into each different size with the goal of providing  the maximum level of protection. Also, professional quality moving boxes are sized to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. These boxes effectively stack on top of each other in a moving truck or a storage unit. The 3.0 fits on top of the 4.5 etc. This helps save you money on the cost of your move, as movers are faster and more efficient.

It is a fact that if you pack your belongings in the right size of moving box, you will have greater protection of your valuables from moving damages.

All Purpose Moving Box-1.5 Cubic- The most important size of moving box is the 1.5 cubic, otherwise known as the All Purpose Moving box.  This size of moving box is actually the smallest of the moving boxes, but it is the one that is recommended by professional movers for most of your belongings.

The reason why this box is so valuable is you can put just about anything in it, fill it to the top and not worry about it becoming too heavy to lift. After all, one book is not heavy on it’s own, but 100 books are.  The great news is with the All purpose moving box, you can put any items that you want inside of the box, fill it to the top, seal it and know your valuables are protected and it isn’t too heavy.
Examples of what to put in the All Purpose Moving Box include: books, cans, photo albums, plates, office supplies, music, small electronics like phones, answering machines, 85% of your home can be packed in this size of moving box. etc.

The Kitchen Moving Box-3.0 Cubic- This size of box is most useful in the kitchen to put large woks, large pots and appliances in like toaster ovens. This size of box can also be used to pack folded clothes.

The Large Pillow Box- 4.5 Cubic- This box is a size that some professional movers chose NOT to recommend to their clients. The reason is that so many people think that bigger is better and they want to pack most of their home in this box. This is a big mistake.

The box will easily become too heavy to lift if you put anything other than very lightweight items like pillows or light plastic toys.  This box is great to have to put pillows is. Other than that, be very careful.

Wardrobe Boxes
This box is wonderful to have on moving day. There is a bar inside of the wardrobe box that is designed to hang clothes inside of. Literally you can take your clothes directly from your closet to your wardrobe box-almost like a portable closet. This saves you time when you are unpacking and you will not have a pile of clothes that have to be ironed after moving day has been completed.

The wardrobe box is more expensive than the others because it is designed to support the heavy load that clothes has on it.

Hope this helps!

Article compliments of Moving Box Delivery:
Kirstie Berzanski, President-Owner

Moving Box Delivery provides recycled moving boxes and moving supplies to help take the stress out of moving and make moving easier and less costly.