Get Organized – Go Green – Support Your Local School System

Your local school art and music programs need your clutter!

Clear your clutter and send it off to a good cause! Your muck becomes useful in the hands of creative resourceful teachers. They need anything and everything!

With the decrease in school budgets for art and music programs, there is an ever-increasing need for art and music supplies.

Your junk is an art and music department’s treasure. They will take it apart and repurpose.

You would not believe how creative teachers can be with your old, musty dusty clutter.

For example:

1. Clothing, fabric end product to bolts and scraps was turned into Puppets of Greek mythology dressed exquisitely in satins and velvet.

2. Your old box of transparencies that are seemingly obsolete: SD School system recently received 26 cases of overhead transparencies worth thousands of dollars.

These transparencies were used for Art projects to include:

Stained glass art from paper, Super impose art onto black background.

A project called “Trigalicious”: Super imposed trigonomic conventions overlayed onto art backgounds of other mediums – Used to turn 2D into 3D artwork.

3. Artwork from other artists are scavenged and turned into other original designs by students.

4. Technical theatre dept – received a box of old costumes. One of the projects was take pile of costumes and create new costumes from them.

Spring clean and turn your muck into valuable resources to help your school system. You will probably get a write-off on your taxes based on local laws.

Not sure who to call? There is a Visual and Performing Arts Dept in almost every school district. Start there. If not, call your  individual schools, they will  know what they need. You might also have a Materials Control Dept in your school district. They are a great place to start, as they usually have a wish list for all schools in their district.

Every Theatre, Dance, Science, Music and Math Department needs your support so get started clearing your life and going green!

If you are in the San Diego area, contact Karen Childress-Evans, Ed.S., Director VAPA Telephone: (858) 539-5349 E-mail: [email protected]

Still not sure what you have this might be useful? Check out this wish list:

musical instruments, equipment and supplies

music stands and cases

sheet music

scripts, plays

CD’s, DVD’s, music




fabric and notions


light metals



wire cutters



clothing, hats, costume jewelry

paint, tools, nails


office supplies

glass, tile, wood

upholstery samples, paint chips

art supplies

picture frames, hangers, hardware


just about anything…these folks are pretty creative!