Dear Advice,

Hello, I am writing because I am an actor and am gearing up for some new headshots. I don’t want to wear anything that detracts from my face, as the face is the focus of the headshot, however, I need help picking colors that work well with my fair skin (including completely bald head) and that bring out my green eyes. Can you help?

Glen A, Jr.



I highly recommend that you wear a solid green shirt. If your background will be white, choose a darker shade of green, it is a dark background for your headshot, wear a lighter solid green.

When you choose your shade of green, make sure that the green you buy brings out the color of your eyes and creates a healthy tone to your skin. To do this, ask your in-store helper if it is complimentary. Also, look for the shade that most closely aligns with your eye color. If your eyes have green/blue tint, choose a blue/green shirt. If green/hazel, look for a browner or more earthy green. If your eyes are golden green, choose a warmer green with golden tones.

To determine the color that will also work for your facial skin tone, hold it up to your face and see if your face recedes or moves forward in the mirror. You want your face to visually move closer when you bring the shirt up to it. If your face recedes, it is not a great color for you. This is tricky process, and where the skills of a professional image consultant are valuable.

To improve this skill on your own, choose two bold colors that are on opposite ends of the color spectrum. Hold each individually up to your face and watch what happens to your skin. The wrong color will make you look pale and emphasize the dark spots and imperfections on your face. The right color will make you look rested and healthy.

Your headshot is an important sales tool that will represent you in advance of your in-person meetings. There are many other variables to consider with your shirt other than the color. For instance, if the shirt you choose has a collar, does the collar work with your face shape? There are many collar styles, long and pointed, short and wide etc. You want to choose collars and necklines that compliment the structure of your face. The same applies to suit lapels.

If you are going with an athletic style headshot and you wear a collarless shirt, does the neckline flatter? What about make-up? As an actor, I am sure that you are aware of skin color correction techniques and eye enhancement tricks. If not, bring in a stylist for the session. Remember to have powder on hand during the shoot to reduce potential glare on your face and head.

Pay attention to your total look and make sure it highlights your best assets. Ask someone to help you as you make these decisions. A professional is always your best bet but if you are on a tight budget, enlist the help of an in-store sales associate as you select the perfect shirt.

Please email a copy of your new headshot when it is completed. I would love to see your finished product. Best of luck!

by Kathi Burns – addSpace To Your Life!TM,
a Professional Organizing and Image Consulting Agency

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