Overpacked Suitcase

Packing everything that you need is not always easy. If you don’t know the tips and tricks related to packing well, you can end up running out of space quickly. Believe it or not, there are some things that you don’t need to pack! Check out the following tips that can help you add space to your suitcase.

  1. Make a list of what you will need to pack. Check these items off once you have packed them, and double check the list before you close everything up and head out of the door.
  2. Use the complimentary soap, shampoo and other toiletries at your hotel. If these things are provided for you, there is no need to pack them. It doesn’t make sense to bring your own and bring the complimentary ones home because you simply won’t use them.
  3. Skip the large containers. You can eliminate the need for a clunky container simply by using zip-lock bags. This is ideal for cosmetics, hair products and other items. You can also put these zip-locked bags into a plastic grocery store bag if you are concerned about spillage.
  4. Use combination products to save space. For example, some moisturizers also provide sunscreen.
  5. Avoid bringing pricey jewelry or other valuables if you can. If you do bring these items, make sure that they are insured. Check it into the hotel safe when you are not wearing the jewelry. Make sure you keep valuables as a carry on if you are flying.
  6. Don’t pack every area guidebook you can find. Choose the one with the most information, and pack only that one. Find out if you will have access to the internet during the trip, as you can always look the information up. Otherwise, photocopy a few unique and useful pages found in separate guidebooks and bring only those pages.
  7. Select your outfits according to the weather forecast. Don’t worry about possible changes in the weather, because you can always buy a poncho or sweater to use and keep as a souvenir.
  8. Pack clothes that are neutral colors so you can mix and match tops and bottoms. Bring shoes that you can wear with several of these outfits. Don’t pack more clothes than you need.
  9. If you like to read, buy magazines or newspapers at the airport. You can read them on your trip and leave them to be recycled at the hotel.
  10. Final tip: Are you unsure about whether or not to pack certain items? Consider the fact that there are many items that you can purchase at your destination. If you can buy it there, why pack it? It you make a list and only pack what you really need, you won’t run out of space. Happy packing!

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