Dear Kathi,

I am four months pregnant and no longer fit into my largest clothes. I need to buy new clothes but I don’t really know the best items to buy. I am a size 14 when I’m not pregnant. I would like to feel pretty, sexy and not simply “big as a house” while I am pregnant. What can you suggest?

Dawn, Cardiff by the Sea


Shirts and dresses with empire seams just below the breast are very feminine. They are snug on top with extra room for growth below.

Try an A-line style dress. A-lines generally fit snug around the breast and flare out at the bottom. You don’t necessarily need to buy a maternity cut, simply buy it longer than usual so that the front hemline doesn’t become too short as your belly expands.
There are currently many India inspired tunic tops on the market that will expand as you grow. Pair these long tunic blouses with wide leg slacks or pencil skirts with elastic waistbands. Buy these separates in sizes 16, 18 or XXL and you should be able to wear them throughout your pregnancy.

You can also combine a long snug fitting T-shirt or tank top with the popular gauze tiered skirts for a romantic and relaxed style.
A good style for work is a long jersey tunic over a matching long skirt. It’s easy to wear, not too restrictive and fine for formal and informal offices. Add strappy sandals and glitzy earrings and you have a comfortable evening outfit.

If you can’t find decent maternity slacks, simply step up a size as you grow. Cropped pants look nice for the summer months and are more forgiving than shorts during pregnancy.

Speaking of the summer, when you need to go swimming, you can combine your bikini bottoms with a large but snug T-shirt. Don’t be afraid to show a little belly. The pregnant belly has made a comeback in fashion catalog’s.
Pregnant bellies are now considered sexy. This is a time in your life where you can gain weight and be proud of it. Have fun sporting a big round belly and enjoy feeling feminine and sexy!

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