Guys feel the need to follow fashion, too! Not as dramatically as women, perhaps, but there are a few good guidelines to looking modern and sophisticated.

Men don’t agonize over their body shape and color palette as much as women do, and the choices are not quite as overwhelming. Finding something that fits well and looks good can still be a challenge, however.

With the national acceptance of the California ’business casual’ look, men are wearing jeans for business as well as leisure. Topped with a sport coat, this is now considered proper for many business occasions and lunches. For more formal meetings and dinners, a dress shirt and jacket may be more suitable.

Ties are not mandatory with suits anymore – in fact, a silk t-shirt under a well fitted suit is perfectly appropriate in many circles. For more formal dinners, a white shirt and a tie is best, but unless it is specified in the invitation, a black tie outfit is not required.

Climate may determine your choice of apparel to an extent. Lighter weight fabrics, sheerer shirts and loafers prevail in the southern parts of the country, whereas a good wool suit with a heavier shirt may be required for chillier areas. Good shoes are still a necessity, however, though in some western states dress boots have become acceptable!

For playtime, jeans again are the preferred choice. Polo shirts and pocket tees are fine for most outdoor fun. Gym shoes should be saved for the gym, but there is a time and place for a pair of classic street sneakers. A team jacket is almost mandatory at sporting events, but make sure it is not too oversized!

Keep a button down shirt handy, as well as a pair of loafers, and you can smoothly transition from an afternoon at the park to dinner in a nice restaurant. Again, a nice blazer dresses up plain jeans in a jiffy.

Make sure your wallet is not crammed to the point that your hip pocket shows the strain. Investing in a simple, stylish money clip and transferring your credit cards to a slim leather holder will make a huge difference. You don’t really need to carry all that other stuff around, anyway- that’s what your bedside table is for!

Let your personality as well as your business side help you choose the look that is right for you. The image you present to the world is important, whatever the occasion might be. Use this tips as a guide to a sharper, classier you!