This weekend television news interview was filmed in 2009 on CBS / WTSP in Tampa Bay. When it comes to kitchen clutter and organizing tactics, this might help you let go of excess items that you no longer need or use. It will definitely show you what might be ‘mucking up’ your life and provide the motivation to clear out your cupboards!

Transcript from this news segment:

News Anchor: And if your house is looking worse than some of the homes that we just saw because you can’t part with Great Aunt Edna’s teapot collection basically from 1920 and just really don’t need it anymore, then this is the interview we have to have you see this morning. Joining me know, Kathi Burns is here with ‘What is Muck? How to Master Your Muck: How to Clean Out Your Home and Make It Nice and Streamlined.’ We save so much junk it’s ridiculous. What is muck first of all? Define it for us.

Kathi: Muck is anything that no longer serves you.

News Anchor: That’s a lot of stuff.

Kathi: It is. You can have a lot of stuff in your life that serves no purpose, but it just so happens to be there.

News Anchor: There it is right there. It makes you feel stuck or overwhelmed, old habits that no longer serve you, an overbooked schedule, overflowing closet, uncompleted projects – things that really make your life a mess.

Kathi: Yeah, and those are things that stay in the back of your mind all the time, especially the uncompleted projects so that mucks up your mind.

News Anchor: Right, and your closet…things like oh my gosh, I’ve got to get rid of these things, and those things. So tell us what we can do to make our homes cleaner, what do we really need and what can we throw away?

Kathi: That is the good question. So take for instance these, you have your collection of colanders. And this is from one kitchen, and actually there were more. So how many colanders do you really need?

News Anchor: Not that many!

Kathi: Well a good thing to say is, well how do I cook now? Do I still cook using all this, do I still make my hard tack candy every year? What am I doing right now? And if perhaps you only do pasta and maybe a little bit of vegetables, let’s get rid of it! Keep the two that you use.

News Anchor: And don’t be afraid to throw it out?

Kathi: Donate it. Donate it to charity and that way you’re passing on your good as well which is wonderful. The more that you release, the more you’re able to excel through life. So if you feel stuck or you feel ‘stuck in the muck’ so to speak, a way to master your muck is to start releasing things. It can be as easy as your knife drawer.

News Anchor: Oh my, that’s a lot of knives!

Kathi: So how many knives do you really need?

News Anchor: Not that many!

Kathi: That’s why I love these knife holders because they actually give you some type of boundary but it could be that you really stream down and gone simple, you’re no longer eating what you used to eat, cooking what you used to cook, you’re very simple. It could be that you need just one really nice knife and this will handle everything.

News Anchor: And pots and pans you don’t really need like a bunch of pots and pans in the kitchen. Use only the ones that you want and take the others and donate them to charity. So what can we keep? What are the top three things that you say to keep in your kitchen so to speak?

Kathi: Well I don’t think there’s really three things that you should keep, but there’s guidelines – the ‘How to Master Your Muck’ guidelines that I put together in my book are: if it serves your purpose right now, if it makes you happy (if you just like to look at it, it doesn’t have to serve a purpose but if you’re happy about it and you like it, like art or a little object).

News Anchor: Keep that.

Kathi: Keep that, absolutely. So things that really have a purpose in your life right now are what you keep and if there’s space to store it.

News Anchor: And that’s the most important thing because when we start taking up space that’s when it starts getting messy. Alright, Kathi Burns joining us this morning. Thank you so much for being on with us and clearing up the muck. By the way, all this information is going to be on our website at