Make Sure You Have A Perfect Silhouette

Use undergarments to enhance your shape and reel in the problem areas. Forgo the panty lines with a body smoother. Pay attention to your bra. Make sure it lifts and the straps are not visible. If you haven’t been fitted for a bra in over a year, it is time to reevaluate how gravity is working for you.

Invest In A Pair Of Elegant Party Shoes

Everyday shoes are not a suitable accompaniment to an evening dress. Buy a pair of neutral high-heeled evening shoes in the best quality you can afford. Keep them stored with a show tree to ward off wrinkles and creases. They will serve you at a moment’s notice and last for years. Make sure to wear them around the house before your first outing to make certain that your feet will not suffer during a long evening.

Purchase A Wrap That Coordinates With Your Dress

There is nothing worse than having the perfect dress and not being able to wear it because it is too cold outside or even inside in the air-conditioning. Choose a wrap that compliments your dress. Satin combines nicely with matte finished dresses, velvet works well with organza. You can also go festive with gold or silver wrap and shoes for the holidays. A large black cashmere shawl is super warm and always very elegant on crisp evenings.

Choose Hose That Compliment Your Outfit

The most sophisticated palette for hose is neutral. Choose un-patterned, skin-toned pantyhose in a sheer fabric with a low denier count. Denier demarks the fineness of the thread count. Although more fragile, wearing the finest possible thread count will help you look elegant and refined. Hose in your skin-tone are the perfect match with high heels and will help you become effortlessly elegant. If you feel you must wear black hose, buy them with a denier number that is less than 20.

Black Head To Toe?

Just because your dress is black, you are not required to wear black shoes and carry a black handbag. Experiment with colored accessories. Navy blue paired with black is extremely sophisticated. Gold or copper will add festivity to your overall image while silver requires a very discerning eye to remain elegant.

Keep Jewelry Simple And Elegant To Compliment Your Dress

Skip the wristwatch for your evening out. Instead choose rhinestone bangles or chandelier earrings. Remember to keep yourself classic by accessorizing only one area with bling. Don’t get carried away with glitz on shoes, arms, and neckline!

P.S. Have Your Dress Dry-cleaned After Each Use

If possible, store your dress flat in a large chest rather than hanging it on a hangar in your closet. Your drycleaner can wrap it flat upon request. Store it in a fabric sheath, not the plastic wrap from the drycleaners. Add a small sachet of potpourri so the garment smells fresh the next time you wear it.
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