Kathi Burns featured in Woman's Day Magazine

If you want to find out what slows you down and how to get out of the house faster in the morning, check out the September 2011 edition of Woman’s Day Magazine. Here is a brief excerpt from an article where my tips are featured. Pick up a copy or visit the online edition and you will find this article along with AM/PM Pet Tips and Two TIps to Revolutionize Your Morning,  one of which is from yours truly!

What Kind of Morning Rusher Are You?

Find out what slows you down and how to get out of the house faster

By Arianne Cohen

Does your morning panic-rush of showering, makeup and “breakfast” rank on your list of fun somewhere between vacuuming and dental cleaning? You’re not alone. Morning routines are a struggle for just about everyone. The average woman will spend 40 minutes a day—or three years of her life—showering and getting dressed in the morning. And that doesn’t include the time spent frantically searching for keys, or begging family members to please move faster!

Whether you’re aiming to get out of the house on time or get more done before you leave, we’ve got the plan for you. Your mornings are about to get a whole lot better!

The Productive Morning Person

Your motto: “I like to exercise and empty my inbox before 7. Hear me roar.”
Typical disaster: You’re midway through your workout when you notice you’re 25 minutes behind schedule and you haven’t even packed lunch yet.
What’s really going on: When you get right down to it, even the . . .


The Harried Mom

Your motto: “I’m just happy if no one fights or cries.”
Typical disaster: One child is handing you homework to sign, the other won’t gather his sports gear, and you’re barely ready yourself.
What’s really going on: Your kids’ bedtime routine needs an overhaul. Their homework should be done and lunches and outfits planned before they hit the pillow.
Your new strategy: Reduce kids’ up-and-out routine to a mere 20 minutes with no time for detours. Dressing, eating, out the door—that’s it.
The night before: Each family member gets a different-color bin near the door, where anything he or she needs to take gets stashed: backpacks, projects, phones. To remember electronics, cut tiny holes in the bin for charger cords to thread through to an outlet.
Sunday-night ninja tip: Lay out all five days of kids’ outfits at once.
You really need to… Ban the TV, video games and computer. They don’t help anyone go any faster.
Your easy morning lunch plan: Set up a lunch-packing zone with containers, cutlery and bread within arm’s reach, says Kathi Burns, a San Diego certified professional organizer. It beats trekking across your kitchen. When you plan a family meal (casserole, pasta), make two and dish out the second into freezer-safe containers. At night, just toss one into the lunchbag, and it’ll defrost by noon the next day.

The Makeup and Outfit Warrior

Your motto: “Make it work!”
Typical disaster: It’s time to go and you haven’t started your makeup yet.
What’s really going on: Your problem is . . .


The Oversleeper

Your motto: “iSnooze.”
Typical disaster: You’ve set three alarms, and yet you’re still running late.
What’s really going on: Either you’re too fond of the . . .