A client recently contacted me because she was unclear about what paperwork she needed to keep and what she could shred. She had papers spread throughout her office. With information pertaining to numerous investment properties and multiple corporations, the paperwork involved in her business was fairly complicated, She understandably felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the paperwork and needed a solid system to track all of the monthly business at hand and manage the ongoing property records. I knew immediately that Freedom Filer was the system that would get her papers in order and provide the power to get them gone when they were no longer needed.

This is what her office looked like as we began to sort her papers beginning of our project:

We were able to get rid of at least 3 large trash bags of papers to recycle and 4 boxes of documents to shred. All of the tax records from the past now live in boxes out of the office space and are ready to shred and rotate out after the required holding time. When a new year gets archived, another will go to the shredding service.

Listen to what my client says about her office and this organizing process:

Client Audio Testimonial

I feel that the biggest accomplishment of this process is that now my client has the power to know what she needs and what she doesn’t. She is also very clear about all of the corporations that she and her husband have set up and what she needs to do to keep track of the corporate records and investment property records. She is in control of the ongoing records and has the knowledge to make informed decisions! She is also not afraid to ask for more information because she feels that she has the basic knowledge to ask the right questions. Yippee!

The Freedom Filer file system keeps records alphabetical and in color coded categories which makes retrieving them when you need them a snap!

Here is what one her organized file drawers look like with Freedom Filer:

This is what her office looks like now:

Isn’t it a beautiful office space? She now has file drawers organized and waiting for new business or new property investments and when one sells, it is ready to leave her file system in one fell swoop!