Situation: Client lived in a small beach house which was lovely, but had a very small kitchen with really small cupboards and very little counter space. She loves to cook for her family and has a large collection of spices and gourmet ingredients.


Challenge: The client was using a built-in kitchen desk for kitchen storage as well as her son’s school papers and her own bills and paperwork.  She needed to reclaim her desk so that her son had an appropriate homework area. She also needed the make to kitchen functional so she could cook her fantastic gourmet meals.


Solution: We got rid of the miscellaneous papers that were not needed. We organized her son’s school supplies into bins and gave him an organized space to work. We also created space around the stove for her spices and condiments so she could easily reach them while she cooks. The personal bills and paperwork were moved to a different area of the house and put into a Freedom Filer file system. In order to do these tasks, she had to downsize and re-prioritize what she really needed. Now she can help her son with his homework and cook dinner at the same time!