I recently came across an article that talked about clutter in a new way and presented a different twist on the art of decluttering your life and your home.

Clutter happens to everyone and it put a smile on my face when Findologist Michael Solomon stated that there is nothing in your life that is lost. There are really no missing objects, there is simply an unsystematic search. And in all probability the common obstacle of clutter. I also smiled a bit wider  when I read that he titles himself a “findologist”! I LOVE that title and wish that all of my clients and website visitors will be able to claim that title too!

A Designated Home For Everything

The art of not losing things is to have a designated ‘home’ for everything. I am sure you have heard the phrase – ‘everything should have a “home” with a “yard” around it’.

In case you are wondering what the “yard” around it means, here is a quick explanation. Think of it this way; if you create a designated “home” / place for an object and that space only accommodates that specific object, what happens when you add a second similar object?

Your system breaks down, right?

So having and creating a “yard” around each designated home will allow yourself and your family room to grow. Let’s face it, most of us are constantly adding to and multiplying the objects within our homes! Even the most organized and optimized people add possessions in to their life every year.

Thanks to the mailman, new papers arrive into our home 6 days a week. For those with paper pile challenges, you might want to also read this article!

Being organized helps you find things quickly

Where Did That Come From?

This is my ultimate favorite question that clients ask me when I work with them in their home or office. Like I know the answer to this question… And ironically I hear it during almost every single organizing session!  Most of us have so many possessions in our home and workspace that many of these items are lost and forgotten. During the organizing process we always uncover several long forgotten items and I inevitably hear this question!

Have you ever heard of the camouflage effect? If you are married and have asked your spouse to retrieve something from a cabinet, I know you know what this is!

Michael provides a great explanation of “The Camouflage Effect” and how to eliminate searching for and not finding your lost objects!

Read more within this article, It will and make you smile and begin to feel less frantic when you really can’t find that super important item that you know you saw only last week!

As a preview of this article, here are 2 of the 12 principles of finding lost objects

1. Don’t look for it.
2. It’s not lost – you are.   Just saying…