So you invested in a personal trainer to get your body in top condition. Now it’s time for the next step. Once your body has been given a makeover, it’s time to do the same for your image, and the person who can do that for you is a professional image consultant.

A top-flight image consultant can work her magic to make you look and feel your very best. She’ll upgrade your wardrobe and make sure that your clothes, hair and make-up all work together to create an image that will stop people in their tracks. When it comes to your wardrobe, the key is to find what clothes best fit your body size, shape and coloring. Everybody has some aspects of their body that they’re in love with, and others that they’re not on speaking terms with. A good image consultant will help you find ways to show off the things you love about your body and hide those things that you’re not so crazy about.

Did you know that most people only wear 20% of the clothes in their closet? That’s a pretty big waste of money. Your consultant will start by going through your closet and selecting those items that will make the folks at the Goodwill store very happy. She’ll also help you rehabilitate those clothes in your closet that will fit your new image, but have been neglected because they are in disrepair. It’s amazing what a good tailor or dry cleaner can do to bring your clothes back to life!

Then, after meeting with you and evaluating what kind of clothes are needed to create your new image, she’ll design a color palette best suited to you. Then it’s time for the fun part. It’s time to go shopping! She’ll help you choose pieces that you can mix-and-match to make an endless variety of stunning outfits for the new you. Once you’ve got the new wardrobe, she’ll guide you to other specialists who will make sure that your hair and make-up complete your new image. If need be, she’ll even help you with your optical needs.

Once armed with all your new knowledge, you’ll be ready to make much better decisions when shopping in the future. You’ll actually save money in the long run by getting your money’s worth out of each article of clothing, each accessory, and your make-up collection. An image consultant will not only help create a new stunning version of you, but she’ll prove to be one of the best investments you ever made in yourself.
by Kathi Burns – addSpace To Your Life!TM,
a Professional Organizing and Image Consulting Agency
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