Time Management

Take Control and Create More Time

Arrive early for appointments

* Relieve unnecessary stress
* Use this time to plan and strategize
* Increase the likelihood that you will get what you need from meeting
* Increase respect from clients, peers and management

When you regularly arrive early for appointments, you appear more organized and professional and also automatically become more organized and professional. The time you spend waiting before a meeting begins can be very valuable. Use this time to determine in advance, what you wish to accomplish during that meeting. Jot a few notes with questions to ask and outcomes to aspire towards. Your meetings will then become shorter, more effective and require less energy for all parties concerned.

Create ‘To Do’ Lists
Prioritize your ‘to do’s’ every week and record them consistently into one place.

* Palm /Blackberry
* Day Timer
* Outlook

Complete the 3 most important tasks first each day and you will be on your way to fulfilling your dreams and reaching your goals!

Control Your Email

* Avoid the time vortex
o Never check email or voicemail first thing in the morning
* Schedule regular times to check emails
* Read it, respond to it, folder it or delete it
* Read most recent emails first
* Create email signature

Manage Your Voice Mail

* Do not check voicemail before you plan your day
* Check voicemail at regular times, not every time it beeps
* When responding, state your response clearly along with the best time and venue for response
* Keep your voicemail box updated
o best times to reach you
o request specific information from caller

Learn to say NO

* Pause before you make a new commitment
* If new task is mandated
o Make sure the person knows how much time you will spend on it
o If anything else will loose it’s priority on your schedule
* Do not let someone else’s mistake become your fire alarm

Manage Your Paper Flow

* Develop a system for paper flowing
* in and out of your office
* A System = A Structured Protocol
* Designated areas for:
o Incoming In-Process Outbound
Control the Paper Deluge

* Check it to determine action needed
* Move it into the appropriate place to wait for action
* Handle it only once before you work on it.
* Get rid of it! Toss, file or forward

Create an Exit Strategy

* Create a consistent holding area for all things that need to leave your office
* Use an area on your desk or credenza that is positioned towards the door
* Place articles there as you find or finish them
* Do not get up to take only 1 item away

Keys To Mastering Your Time

* Knowing what you want to accomplish and why
* Sticking to the timelines you create
Thought, Word, Deed, think it, speak it, do it

* Set your intention for each week before you begin that week
* Schedule your appointments and tasks in advance, not as you go
* Tell others about your time management strategy if interrupted
o Reality Check: The average employee is interrupted every 10 minutes or 6 times per hour. Keep your focus and don’t let this happen to you!
* Stick to the schedule you have created, don’t let it create you