Situation: This linen closet was stuffed full of sheets, towels, and toiletries. Does this look familiar? Many homes have a linen closet that looks a lot like this!


Challenge: This client lives alone in a two bedroom house, but had 10 or 12 sets of sheets, many towels, and lots of toiletries that she wasn’t using. We needed to assess how many sheets, towels, and toiletries one girl needs, and purge the rest so she could regain a functional linen closet and make room for other storage needs.


Solution: We sorted through the sheets and towels and pulled out her favorite matching sets. We donated the rest to charity. We also went through all of the toiletries and medications and disposed of anything expired or not needed. After everything was folded and stacked, or organized into labeled bins, we ended up with an empty shelf. Pretty impressive!