Ten Tips for One Suitcase Packing

You are faced with many tough decisions when you decide to pack light and travel with only one suitcase. Stuffing everything you need into one suitcase might seem impossible until you learn how to simplify and employ a few tricks and tips from professional travelers.

Once you discover the ease that comes with traveling with only one suitcase, you will probably never look back. You will also discover that amazingly, there are some things that you never wish to pack again! Follow these tips to pack fearlessly and add more space to your single suitcase.

1. Begin your packing process with a list. As you work on your list, consider what activities you will do each day while you are gone. Only choose clothing pieces that will combine well with at least 3 other items. As you pack, check each item off of the list, Always check your list one more time the night before you leave.

2. If you are going to stay at a hotel, plan to use their complimentary soaps and shampoos. As long as you have no allergy challenges, there is no need to pack them. Most of us, end up taking them home for future use, so why not skip that step and instead use them when you find them?

3. Eliminate large and hard case containers. Use large zip-lock bags instead. Zips work well for cosmetics, hair products and other items. They not only keep liquids from draining out onto your clothing, they save a lot of space in the process.

4. If you can find moisturizers that also act as sunscreens or sunscreens that provide bug repellant, pack these, It will save you space.

5. Plan to wear only a few pieces of jewelry. Don’t pack pricey jewelry or other valuables. I have heard many sad stories about missing diamond earrings and other expensive items. For one suitcase packing, they are not really necessary and if they are, wear them on the plane and plan on wearing them most of your tripi.  When not wearing them, make sure to place them in the room safe while you are away from the hotel and buy insurance in advance. If you are not going to wear them while flying, make sure you keep them in your carry on.

6. Choose your guidebooks carefully and carry only one when you depart. Most places now have internet connections. This allows you to plan your trip online and access your information while you are there. My new favorite website is http://www.virtualtourist.com/. If the internet is not going to be readily available, photocopy useful pages from other books and fold them into the one book you have decided to bring with you.

7. Make sure to check into the current local weather at your destination before you pack. Choose your outfits accordingly. Pack one lightweight sweater and long sleeve shirt with rain poncho to layer if temperatures drop unexpectedly during your trip.

8. Choose neutral colors for your extended trips. With proper planning, every item will combine with the others to create many outfits from only a few select pieces. Pack shoes that will combine with most, if not all of the outfits. Remember to pack light and choose wisely, especially when it comes to shoes. Wear the bulkiest shoes when you fly.

9. Magazines or newspapers can be purchased at your destination or at the airport. Once you are done with them, leave them behind for others to read. Many hotels have lending libraries. I always bring a small paperback onto the plane and exchange it for another during my trip.

10. Final tip: You can replace almost everything you might have forgotten at your destination, even in third world countries, so lighten your load and make a pact to pack only what you know you will need for your next trip!