Dear Kathi,

My husband insists on saving the manuals and warranty slips for every item that we buy. I don’t think we ever read or refer to them but I must keep them ‘just in case’.
What is the best way to keep this growing pile of booklets and papers archived and out of my way?

Mary, San Diego


There are a couple of options that work well for booklets and accompanying loose papers.

If you have ample file drawer space, create hanging file folders. Label these folders with categories to include; Electronics, Appliances, Furniture, Computers and Tools. Add any other categories that are applicable for your household. File your booklets within these broad categories or divide them individually into manila folders within each hanging file.

Another option employs a large 3″ three ring binder. Create sections with divider sheets labeled with each major category. Hole punch each manual and store them “book style” within this binder.

The least time-consuming method is to purchase a magazine bin that will house all of your manuals vertically on a shelf. This option is less organized but does keep all of your loose manuals in one space.

Whatever method you choose, collect all of the loose manuals scattered throughout your home. Store them together in one area, preferably the same space as your other papers. Pay close attention while you gather these items and discard the manuals for items that you no longer own.

Bonus tip: Keep a copy of your original sales receipt stapled to the inside of each product manual. If you need a receipt for tax purposes, make a copy for your tax records. If you need to use the warranty or ask a question later, your purchase information will be organized with the phone number to call.

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San Diego Professional Organizer