Situation: This client had a lovely walk in closet that had been built onto her bedroom as an addition. Although it is a large closet, it became disorganized and mismanaged and ended up housing things that did not belong, such as holiday decorations.

The client’s shoe collection ended up on the floor in piles which made it difficult to get into the closet to find what she was looking for.

Challenge: We needed to fit all of her clothes, shoes, jewelry, and handbags into the closet while keeping everything organized and accessible.

Solution: We sorted through all of her clothes and purged the ones that didn’t fit, or no longer fit her lifestyle. We did the same with the shoes and purged all but a few pairs of heels. As we get older, we are less likely to wear heels or uncomfortable shoes, and this was the case with this client. She had clothes in dry cleaner bags, which made them difficult to identify. Dry cleaner bags trap moisture and keep fabric from breathing, so we got rid of the bags. We lined up the clothes by type and moved formal clothes to a closet in another bedroom to make more space for her daily wardrobe. The holiday decorations and other things that did not belong were moved to the garage. We purged so many clothes that she ended up with a whole row of empty space, which will give her plenty of room when she buys something new.

The client kept many shoes in shoeboxes so she could easily identify them, and the shoes that she wears most often were moved to a hanging shoe organizer. We also utilized a built in bench in the closet for the shoes she wears most often.

We moved her jewelry and handbags to allow more space to get into the closet, and hung her jewelry on a hanging organizer on the wall. Her belts are all hung together, and everything is categorized and easily accessible. Now this client can shop her closet and find what she needs.