When you move, your life is literally turned upside down with everything inside of boxes. How does one stay organized through the chaos? There are a few simple tips that
I use to save time while packing, and to be better organized.

Tip #1:
I suggest ordering your moving boxes and supplies online in a moving kit. Moving kits include everything you need for moving. This helps keep you organized and eliminates multiple driving trips to the store; thereby saving you a lot of time.

In addition, too often people buy boxes at the very last minute and end up doing a rushed and unorganized job at packing. If they would have ordered their boxes in advance, then they can slowly pack well in advance of their move.

I recommend Moving Box Delivery which sells professional quality boxes for moving and moving supplies in a moving kit. etc. Their moving kits include  boxes for moving in three sizes of professional quality moving boxes, packing paper, packing tape and foam with free shipping. My feelings are that anything you can do to save time in preparations for a move is worth it.

Another great aspect of buying a moving kit, is it is easy to save a few of your boxes after you move. Simply flatten your boxes and store behind or beside one of the shelves in your garage. This requires almost no space, and is a wonderful resource to have readily available for your ever continuing outbound donation area. I always suggest having an empty box to put items that you no longer need or want in a “donation box” and using your old moving boxes is yet another way to go green and reuse your resources at hand.

Tip #2:
Be sure to label your moving boxes as you are packing. Also, indicate what is inside of the box and what room the moving box should be placed in. Very important to note, be sure to label your boxes on the sides of the boxes and the top of the boxes. The reason for this is when boxes are stacked, movers only look at the top of the box. Therefore, this can help you save a lot of time unpacking by having all your boxes in the correct room.

Tip #3:
Make an Excel spreadsheet that includes the name, phone and address of all your bills. When you change services, indicate with a x mark that you have completed this action. Any notes for that item can be in this same spreadsheet. When changing multiple bills, it is easy to forget which ones you have called, which is why this spreadsheet helps keep you organized.

Your spreadsheet should include: credit cards, banks, schools, doctors, dentists, car payments, loans, home loans, boat loans, vets, magazine subscriptions, Netflix, health, post office, student loans, social security, DMV and any bills.

While you are packing, be sure to keep an empty donation box in each room. As you pack and come across belongings that you no longer use, place them in this box. Once you are completely packed, you can simply take these boxes to your local Goodwill or charitable foundation.This helps you stay organized while packing, and helps you lighten your load by not packing items that you no longer want or need.

Tip #5:
If you are in IPHONE user, there is a good IPOD moving application that can help you organize the whole process months in advance. It is called “Moving List” by New Gravity Ventures. In this application it tells you what you should be doing 2-3 weeks in advance, 4-6 weeks in advance and lets you add your own to do items. Some people have all their lists in their IPHONE, so if this is you, consider checking out this application.

Hope these tips help. Have a smooth move!

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