Looking your best isn’t hard if you follow a few simple guidelines. The man of today is concerned about his appearance – many people judge you by the image you present to the world.

Every man should own at least one good suit. Look at the thread count to determine the quality of the fabric. Good wool comes in grades of super 100‘s, 110‘s, 120‘s, and150’s – the higher the count, the finer the wool will be, as the fibers are thinner and more threads are used to create a tighter weave. This is where you don’t scrimp; buy the best you can afford, and if you have to go with off the rack, budget in a little extra for a master tailor to customize it for you. A little adjustment to a good suit can turn it into a great suit!

Many modern suits have flat front pants which should not be cuffed. The classic suit pants with a single pleat in the leg can be cuffed, but keep it to an inch and a half at the most. Your tie should measure about three inches at its widest point, and its base color should match the suit.

You will have many options available to you in the way of shirts. Try to find a color that complements your hair or eyes, and experiment with patterns. If you like to wear an undershirt, make sure it is not visible – a crewneck is best, though a v-neck or tank can be worn under a heavier shirt such as oxford.

You should have one pair of shoes to match your suit, and a pair of brown shoes for punching up the style factor when you are in shirt and slacks. Make sure you have proper socks- they should match your suit or slacks rather than your shoes. For on the street, a pair of classic sneakers is fine, but save the cross trainers and high tops for the gym.

A good time piece is important. A streamline stainless steel watch looks as good with jeans as a suit. Another thing to consider is your billfold. The best option is to discard the bulky wallet and buy a leather credit card case instead. This will fit in your hip pocket without ruining the line of your slacks, and you can fold your cash in a classy money clip and keep it in the more secure front pants pocket.

If you attend a formal affair where a tuxedo is required, remember to match your tie to your tux. If the lapels are grosgrain, the tie should be too; if they are satin, you should wear a satin tie. Bow ties are usually worn with a peak-lapel tuxedo and straight ties with a notch lapel. Whatever the shape or fabric, unless you are really feeling fashion forward your tie should be black.

As long as you follow these simple guidelines, you will be well prepared for whatever comes your way.