This very successful, powerful woman was used to wearing hippie chick tie dye and/or goddess clothes every day, even while working with clients. Her shoes did nothing to elongate or flatter her curvaceous figure.


She wanted to hide in oversize clothes. This is a very common scenario when we gain weight. We often think that if we wear larger clothes, we will hide our issues BUT actually, the very opposite effect happens. We end up looking larger than life and, instead of hiding our extra pounds, we add on a few more!

Another challenge was that this client had some foot issues and wearing heels was a challenge so the shoe collection was less than flattering.


We started by weeding out the clothes that did not flatter her shape or coloring. After reviewing her shoe collection, I went on a search for pointy toe shoes that would actually fit and be comfortable. I can hear your thoughts right now and yes indeed, it is possible to find pointy shoes that you can wear all day in comfort! You might have to try on more pairs than usual, but if you persist, you will find the perfect pair.

I also favor v neck and scooped necklines as they elongate her figure and she has fantastic décolletage. I then convinced her that pencil skirts were very flattering for her body type and made her visually lose weight instantly.

I went searching for the perfect dark wash jeans (check out the great jeans above) that could also be worn as dress slacks on the days she did not feel like dressing up for meetings. Everyone, by the way, should have at least one pair of dark washed jeans with no fading, rips, or distress markings!

After eliminating the goddess outfits, I concentrated on adding a nice selection of jackets to her wardrobe so that she could appear dressed and professional in a snap.

She is now embracing pencil skirts, pointy toe shoes and looks fantastic. Isn’t she beautiful!

What my client said about her new wardrobe: “I am so glad that I brought you home to my closet after we worked on my office file system. My husband is ecstatic and you have gained a lot of credibility around this household. Thank you!”

What her husband said: “Thank you Kathi for getting rid of all her tie dye clothes!”

What my client said after organizing in her law office:

“I was astounded at how much we accomplished in 4.4 hours last week. My whole office just feels so different now that everything has its correct place. I was so inspired that I spent another 5 hours working on my own. I am so excited at the prospect of bringing you home so we can do the same magic. I can’t thank you enough for your expert advice. You are worth every cent and more.”

All the best, Belinda Rachman, Esq.
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