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California Casual Business Attire is Still Professional

Office Appropriate Look

Hi Kathi,

I do not wear any makeup and have long hair. Is there a minimum amount of makeup that is considered appropriate (i.e. lipstick, mascara, etc)?

I have also noticed professional women tend to have short hair.  My hair is always clean and tidy, but I’m not sure (more…)

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Darker skin can wear bright makeup colors


Vivid colors look amazing against a deeper skin tone! In fact, dark complexions are the best palettes for vibrant shades. But many women of color are hesitant to wear them for fear of looking over-done or “clownish”. If you choose colors that don’t clash with the undertones in your skin, bright makeup colors will blend in and look natural on any skin tone. Remember, if you look best in gold jewelry your undertones are warm, if it’s silver then you are a cool, and if you look equally fabulous in both then your undertones are neutral. Here are some basic rules you can follow to help you look fierce in bright colors:

1. The “No Competition” Clause–Choose a feature to highlight with your bright color, either eyes or lips not both! If you’re rocking a bright eye shadow pair it with a neutral lip color. If you’re wearing a vibrant lip, go with a more toned down eye color.

2. Focus bright eye shadow on the lid only—Place your bright shadow between the lash line and the crease and don’t carry it all the way to the brow bone. That look only works on the runway.

3. Don’t be too matchy—Choose colors that compliment your eye color rather than match it. Purples and plums accent green eyes; coral and bronze look great with blue eyes; and brown eyes can go with just about anything.

4. Play with colored eye liner—For just a “pop” of color use a vibrant eye liner. Outline the top for a more subtle look…your lashes will tone it down….or go bold by lining the bottom. If you’re feeling adventurous wear a different color on top and bottom that complement each other.

5. The intensity of cheeks and lips should be the same—If you’re wearing a vibrant lip color be sure to match the intensity on your cheeks with a blush in the same color family. If you’re lip is nude or neutral your cheeks should also reflect that same tone.

The most important rule for wearing bright color on a deeper skin tone is to wear it with confidence! If you know you look good, others will know it too!

Want to learn more about what clothes work best for your body? Check out this special report  The 18 Essential Wardrobe Elements For Women

This article was contributed by Karol Young Mose

Visit her YouTube channel for video tutorials on these concepts


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How to store almost anything, both at home and in storage units

As much as I try to discourage clients from using offsite storage to house unused clutter long term, self storage units and movable storage units can be lifesavers when you need to move out of your current home and need to house your belongings somewhere until you can move into your new home.

Below is a really helpful guide from NextDoor Storage for how long certain items can be safely stored, both in storage units and at home.

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Lupita Nyong’o looks radiant in teal

Lupita Nyongo in teal

Lupita Ngony’o wore a stunning teal Gucci dress to the SAG Awards this year. This is a perfect example of how gorgeous bright colors can look on darker skin tones. She also pulls off matching teal eyeshadow without looking overdone or too matchy. If you have dark skin, you may find that you can easily pull off bold colors that might overwhelm other people’s complexions. The key is finding colors that complement your skintone and make you look healthy and radiant, rather than washing you out.

No matter how light or dark your features are, you are most likely either ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ toned, and will find these colors complement you accordingly. The easiest way to determine this is to pull your hair away from your face, take off any makeup or jewely, and drape colored cloth around your face to see which colors make you look healthy and radiant, and which colors make you look washed out, grey, or sickly. You may want to enlist a friend or family member to help. Try colors like silver (cool) vs. gold (warm). Or a bright orangey red (warm) vs. magenta or violet (cool). Try bright crisp white (cool) vs. ivory or offwhite (warm). With enough tries, you should get a feel for whether you are warm or cool toned based on which colors really brighten up your features. Here’s a guide to warm and cool colors that should help:

Warm and Cool colors

Once you determine whether you are warm or cool toned, try experimenting with bright, bold colors when shopping for tops, dresses, makeup, and statement jewelry. If you have dark skin, you may find your features really come alive and your skin looks radiant and glowing in bright, saturated tones of your best colors.

Celebrities in Bright Lipcolors

Keep an eye out for celebrities and models who share similar coloring to you and also look their best in these same colors. You can then do an image search for that person and see what they wore to different events. Celebrities have some of the best stylists and makeup artists working for them, especially for red carpet events. Take advantage of the work they’ve done to make this celebrity look their best, and try to replicate aspects of their look that you think works well for them.

Lupita Ngony'o Makeup

If you’re lucky enough to have similar coloring to Lupita, you’ve got a treasure trove of gorgeous looks to be inspired by. Keep an eye on this beautiful woman because she is consistently knocking it out of the park!

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Organizing a shared bathroom

Bathroom Shelf

Dear Kathi,

My bathroom is small and very disorganized. We just moved in to this new condo and I would love to hear tips about streamlining and making sense of all of our stuff. To make matters more difficult, my husband and I share one sink.



You are fortunate to be able to start with empty drawers, medicine cabinet and under counter areas. If you already have put things in, pull them all out again. You will need to toss old items that you will never use and sort the remaining. Throw out anything with an expired date and all perishables over one year old. Even toothpaste expires; the expiration date is on the crimp of the tube.

Sort all remaining items into like categories. If you have an unreasonably large collection of lipsticks, nail polish or perfume, pare it down. Get rid of old colors and the excess that you will never use. Any amount over what you might be able to use in one year should go. Sort by item, category, and color. If you have duplicate or similar colors, unless it is your signature color, get rid of all but one. Replace each element of your streamlined collection as you use it up to conserve precious space in the meantime.

Keep your makeup all in one area, preferably in a container. The same for your husband’s shave crème and razor. Ceramic bowls are decorative, keep items from cluttering up the counter and expedite cleaning the counter top.

Attach a long magnet behind the door of your medicine cabinet to cleverly and neatly hold tweezers, clippers and other metal gadgets. Consider installing a wire shelf by the sink to hold toiletries that you use every day, such as powders, sprays and creams. Hang a simple s-hook (found in any hardware store) by the side of the shelf to hold your hairdryer. Simply tie a knot in the hairdryer cord and pass it through the hook.

Use small plastic bins with drawers for under the bathroom sink. One drawer can be for lips, another for hair, and the third for eyes. Use whichever categories you need. Usually two plastic drawer units fit, with room in between and by the drain pipe for stand up items like shampoo bottles and suntan lotion.

If you don’t need two sets of little drawers, buy plastic stacking bins for the other side to contain like items with like. Use your imagination to find the proper containers to group all like items together.

No bathroom should be without some sort of shower caddy. The basic type is constructed of wire and hangs below the shower head. Whatever variety you choose, these caddies neatly hold your shampoos, soaps, shaving crèmes and lotions. Install a fog free mirror against the back wall for your husband. Look for a style that also holds his razor and shave creme.

If you have a large enough bathroom, buy a coat tree, or standing coat rack. Or install two or three attractive hooks on the back of the bathroom door. These are useful places to hang bathrobes and nighties as well as provide an extra hook for the occasional house guest.

Please submit your questions to: advice@addspacetoyourlife.com

San Diego Professional Organizer

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Complexion Perfection: choosing the right color for your skin tone

Choosing the right color for your skin tone is a challenge for most women. Finding makeup to match your skin tone can seem like an impossible task. For women of color, it can be even more daunting. Although there are more cosmetic companies offering shades for deeper complexions, they don’t often address the varying undertones in our skin. This is what can cause makeup to appear grey or “ashy” on our skin, or make certain colors just “not look right” to you in the mirror. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through your next trip to the cosmetic counter.

Check your undertones

Wearing colors that don’t match the undertones in your complexion can make or break your makeup look. Most all skin has three basic undertones: warm, cool or neutral. An easy way to determine what your undertones are is your preference in jewelry. If your complexion looks brightest and most vibrant in gold jewelry then your undertones are warm. If you look best in silver jewelry then you have cool undertones. If your skin looks equally complimented in both silver and gold, then you are most likely neutral. If you don’t wear jewelry, look at the inside of your wrists. Bluish veins indicate cool undertones; greenish veins are warm and a combination of the two put you in the neutral category.

Warm undertones – Warm completions have yellow to gold tones at the lighter range, and golden to red-orange in the deeper range.

Cool undertones – Cool complexions have pink to reddish tones at the lighter range, and blue-red to even olive in the deeper range.

Neutral undertones – A neutral complexion is a mix of both warm and cool.

Many Asians are thought to be warm because of the yellow tone in their skin, but can also be cool. African Americans are often assumed to be cool, especially those with deeper skin tones, but can also be warm or neutral like me. Latinas and those of Middle Eastern or Indian descent can tend to be more olive, which puts them in the cool category, but can often be neutral or even warm. And a change in your hair color can sometimes move you from one category to another.

How does this help me pick the right foundation, powder and concealer?

When you’re matching foundation and powder you need to consider not only your surface tone (fair, medium, dark) but also your undertone. Always stripe a few colors on your jaw line where your complexion is the most even to see if it matches both. The color that seems to disappear when blended is the right color for your skin Your concealer should also match your undertones, but can be either a shade lighter or the same shade as your surface tone depending on how intense the shadows are under your eyes.

Tip: don’t be swayed by what the color looks like inside the bottle. Its undertone can often appear more dramatic there, especially in the deeper shades. You’ll have to actually see it on your skin to be sure.

BB and CC creams and tinted moisturizer

The newer BB and CC creams, like tinted moisturizer, not only add color to your skin but also help to even out your complexion. Matching your undertone is still essential with these, but an exact match with your surface tone is less important because the product will be somewhat absorbed into your skin rather than sitting on top. With these products you can choose a color that most closely resembles your skin’s natural intensity (fair, medium, or dark) and blends in without looking obvious.

You may have to try several different shades and brands before you find your perfect match. A few of my favorites are Makeup Forever, Lancome, MAC, Covergirl Queen Collection and Bobbi Brown. These lines have a great selection of both liquid and powder foundation in a variety of shades and undertones. If you prefer an all-in-one mineral makeup try Valana Minerals. She offers a diverse range of shades and undertones, and you can even purchase a sample pack to try out a few different shades before deciding. Try to view the foundation color on your skin in natural light, even if that means walking outside with a mirror. Choosing the right shade will ensure you always put your best face forward!

About the author: Karol Young Moses is a professional makeup artist and beauty expert based in Southern California. Her work can be seen on the red carpet and the runway as well as in print, film and television. In addition to hosting makeup workshops and seminars she helps brides look their best on their special day. Karol also appears regularly on-camera offering makeup and beauty tips to viewers. She is currently working on her first beauty book.



facebook: I C Artistry by Karol Young Moses


Instagram: icartistrybykym



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A Messy Makeup Drawer Gets Organized


Many of us have makeup drawers that are simply not functional. This is the case with this client, can you tell? It’s hard for this woman to even get out of the house in the morning because she can’t find the makeup she’s looking for.


As you can see, there are duplicates of the same product, things that don’t belong in this drawer, and the items are just piled into the drawer on top of each other.


We created a containerizing system where all of the makeup used every day is easy to find, as well as a bin for creams used at night. Now the client can easily see all of her makeup and find what she’s looking for.

If your makeup drawer looks like the one above, take some time to clean it out, organize it, and make sure the makeup you use every day is easy to find. You will find it is much easier and faster to get going in the morning.

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Morning Stress ~ Solutions to Help You Get Out the Door Faster

Kathi Burns featured in Woman's Day Magazine

If you want to find out what slows you down and how to get out of the house faster in the morning, check out the September 2011 edition of Woman’s Day Magazine. Here is a brief excerpt from an article where my tips are featured. Pick up a copy or visit the online edition and you will find this article along with AM/PM Pet Tips and Two TIps to Revolutionize Your Morning,  one of which is from yours truly!

What Kind of Morning Rusher Are You? (more…)

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The Story of Stuff = Toxins in our Cosmetics

This is a great video which helps us make better choices about the

cosmetics and toiletries we purchase.

Click here to watch the short video – you will be surprised.

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Organizing Your Bathroom and Creating More Storage – Fox 5 News part 2 of 3

Bathroom cabinets are often a black hole where items go in and never come back out. The under the sink cabinet is the most treacherous of these areas and appears to not have enough space for even the smallest items. Never fear. There are some tried and true products that I use over and over again to tame these small cabinets. The three drawer bin and the plastic shoebox will help you separate, organize and keep your loose articles contained. Watch this video to see these tools in action!

Organizing Your Bathroom Storage

1. Keep a separate bucket of cleaning products in each major cleaning area

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