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3 Online Tools to Help You Stay Organized

In this day and age, there’s no denying that technology can be your best friend when you’re trying to stay organized, and whether you are among the millions who still use desktop computers, or one of those who proudly proclaim to have migrated all their computing to tablets and smartphones, there are plenty of applications that can help you make the most of your time. If you’re having trouble staying focused and just need a bit of a push, try out these apps:

1. For Desktop Users: RescueTime
Time is our most valuable commodity, and with so much information available on the internet, it’s not unlikely that you’ll end up losing more time browsing random websites than actually getting work done. RescueTime understands this, and it provides a good platform through which you can gauge just how much time you’re wasting on random websites. You load up the app on your computer, and it tracks which websites or programs you spend the most time on, giving you a great view of how you spend your time on your computer so you can adjust accordingly. If you pay for the app, you can even set RescueTime to block certain websites after you’ve spent a certain amount of time on them.

2. For Smartphone Users: 24me
According to the developers of mobile gaming website Spin Genie, growth in mobile internet is among the strongest trends on the internet landscape today, and while there were 1 billion smartphone users in 2012, this number is set to double by the end of this year. For many, their smartphones can be a distraction, but with apps like 24me, you can actually get more organized thanks to your smartphone. 24me doesn’t just send you notifications to remind you to pay your bills or to attend meetings or work on reports – if you sync your Facebook, it can even greet your friends on their birthdays for you. You can also create lists and easily share them with colleagues or family, allowing for easy collaboration.

3. For Both: GoogleNow
Whether you’re on Windows, Android, iOS or OSX, there’s a huge chance that you use Google, and knowing this, Google has created Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant that allows you to get the information you want easily from all across the web by integrating with different websites. It presents everything to users in “cards” which can be customized so you have easy access to all the information you could need, without having to manually do Google searches for it. It even has some fun and useful features, including barcode scanning, song recognition, and even the ability to store your boarding pass.


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Best Practices For Organizing Your Garage


Many folks feel that getting their garage in order is an overwhelming project. In fact it can often be too hard to handle in the course of a weekend if left to their own devices and skill set. Quite honestly, this is why Board Certified Professional Organizers keep so very busy!

I would like to inspire you to create room for yours cars in the garage if they are not already living inside. The garage after all, was designed for your cars which are typically worth tens of thousands of dollars. Automobiles and vehicles are one of the largest investments we make, falling right behind the investment in our homes. In the past 12 years as a pro organizer, I have found that the value of my clients cars always outweigh the value of whatever is currently in their garage and blocking safe passage for the cars.

Here is what my client had to say about getting her garage organized and orderly!


To help you get inspired to get going, here is the real life case study from this client project:

Situation: The garage had become a holding zone for household items and memories. These items were not properly contained or stored and took up way too much space.


The garage had a built in work table that had turned in to a dump zone – does that sound familiar to anyone out there?

Also – all of my client’s signs, which were vital to his business, were scattered around the garage, getting bent and beat up but most importantly were not easily accessed on the fly.

Three bicycles were absorbing a large amount of the usable floor space.

The only vehicle that could fit into the garage was the BMW motorcycle. Two brand new cars had never been inside the garage and the cars they replaced had not seen the inside of the garage for over 3 years!

Solution: We purged the unnecessary and then organized the remaining objects into plastic containers. I then created zones for holiday, sports, business, gardening, auto detailing and big box overflow of household items.


We scheduled a hazardous waste pick up for the old cans of paint, and chemicals. By the way, the City of Carlsbad will pick up hazardous chemicals for only $10. Most cities offer this service – check with your waste disposal company.

I advised my clients to get rid of the free-standing old-fashioned workbench that had been inherited and move the saw onto the remaining built-in workbench. This allowed us to move the tool chest from the back wall next to the workbench – makes sense right?

bike in garage

We hung the bicycles from the ceiling which enabled us to move the motorcycle safely into the back corner.

Eliot signs 2 - Version 2

Once the back wall was cleared, we were able to set up a zone for the realtor signs and hang them off the ground for safe-keeping.

Results: My client just texted me that he sold the old workbench for $150 – Yay!

The workbench is set up for sawing, drilling and general handyman projects.

A friend was thrilled to pick up the no longer used automobile restoration materials.

After left wall

The zones are set up and easily maintainable for holiday decor, sporting equipment and more.

After full view

The work bench is ready and open for household projects!

workbench cleaned

Two cars, one motorcycle and three bicycles are now safely living in their garage!

cars in garage

If you are a ‘do it yourself’ type and want detailed instructions to get your entire home organized from the front door to the back, check out my online training course –  Home Organizing Made Simple.

I have to add this side note:  If you or anyone you know is getting ready to buy or sell a house in the San Diego area – reach out to Eliot Rachman at 760 828 4474. He is amazing! He has helped several of my clients sell and buy their perfect homes and has been in the top 1/2 percent of all  Century 21 Real Estate Advisors worldwide for the past 5 years. He is a true professional and always does the right thing for his clients!


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Eat Healthy With Less Time and Effort

When you prepare your family’s favorite healthy meal, make a triple recipe. Keep the second portion for lunches and freeze the third portion for evenings when you are exhausted or simply run out of time to prepare a meal. This saves calories and money and avoids last minute with fast food orders.

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Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Resist the temptation to stash your cleaning supplies wherever they will fit. Instead create a cleaning station with all supplies in one bucket.

With everything in one bucket, you can take it from room to room as you clean. This will save you time and money. You wont have to search for the scrubby sponge or buy duplicate supplies. When you run out, you will know it and will be able to restock in a flash on your next shopping trip.

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Need a Quick Snack for Your Kids (or Yourself)?

Keep a bowl of peeled mini carrots floating in water in front and at eye level in the fridge. Cheese sticks and sliced apples or pears are also a quick and healthy snack. Put a few drops of lemon in the water with the apples or pears to keep them from turning brown before they are discovered and eaten.

When you place these treats in the front of the fridge at eye level, it will be the first thing everyone sees when they open the door which just might tempt them to try that healthy snack first!

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Save calories, time and money

Pack your lunch each night before work. When you prepare dinner, make extra servings and pack them up for lunch meals throughout the week.

Your cooking will save money and time since you wont have to drive around looking for a good lunch place or pay anywhere from $6-12 for lunch. Home cooked food, will also save you  a boatload of calories with advance healthy meal planning and preparation.

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For more information:

Kathi Burns, CPO®

addSpace To Your Life!





San Diego, July 11, 2011— Kathi Burns, CPO® founder of addSpace To Your Life! A Professional Organizing and Image Consultancy announced today that she has been selected as a speaker for the 2011 Moms in Business Unite Conference in San Diego on August 3, 2011. Her presentation, Become the Master the Muck of Your Business, Take control of Your Papers and Inbox will be part of the Running Efficiently Track at the unique educational conference, which enhances the professional and personal lives of women and mom business owners.

“We were overwhelmed with submissions from many eminently qualified speakers, so we had a tough task to choose those we feel will add the most value,” said Randa Cote, President of Moms in Business Unite, Inc. and founder of SPE Solutions. “We’re excited to have Kathi as part of the program, since she’ll provide a content-rich presentation that provides immediate dividends to conference attendees.”

As the contributing expert to FOX 5 and NBC 7/39 News, founder Kathi Burns is frequently called upon by national media outlets such as Better Homes and Gardens, Good Morning America and Martha Stewart Living Radio. During Kathi’s session, guests will learn how to  keep their papers out of piles, maximize their productivity and master their email overload.

The 2011 Moms in Business Unite conferences in Atlanta, San Diego, Denver, Boston and Detroit include a keynote speaker, panel discussions, breakout sessions, resource marketplace, New Inventor Showcase and plenty of networking opportunities throughout the day. To learn more and register, visit www.momsinbusinessunite.com.

About addSpace To Your Life!

addSpace develops organizational systems for homes and offices which maximize space and minimize clutter. addSpace also re-wardrobes clients who want their image to match their full potential.

About Moms in Business Unite

The Moms in Business Unite Conference is the vision of five women entrepreneurs who united to empower and educate women in business. The annual event, provides business education and solutions for establishing a balanced work and family life by bringing together accomplished instructors, relevant life and business topics, and a truly unique learning environment. It helps women business owners pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by providing tools, resources, and guidance through the various stages of business ownership. Learn more at www.momsinbusinessunite.com.


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SCORE Women’s Networking Breakfast Features Professional Organizer and Stylist Kathi Burns

This lively event provides an opportunity to discuss your business ideas, network with other business owners, and learn from this knowledgeable and successful speaker.

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Barnes and Noble Educators Appreciation Event

Tonight Barnes and Noble in Oceanside will reward teachers for their outstanding efforts during this Educators Appreciation Reception beginning at 4 pm.

Join us as I present free tips from my book How to Master Your Muck to help teachers organize and (more…)

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Kathi Burns, CPO® and other Professional Organizing industry experts featured at NAPO National Conference

Kathi Burns, CPO® is  one of the featured experts on the popular “Ask The Organizers” panel this year at the NAPO National Conference.



Click here for more details and to register. If you are currently considering entering this profession, this is a great way to get started and a rare and golden opportunity especially if you live in the Southern California area!

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