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Bottled Water ~ Did you know nearly 50% of the bottled water is tap water?

Reduce Your Water Footprint by Wheels For Wishes

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Recycling Old Paint Just Got Easier!



The days of opening up your old cans of paint and waiting months for them to dry out before you can toss them into the trash is over. There is a new solution in town ~ Paint Care!

Here’s the skinny, taken directly from their website”

PaintCare, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was created by the American Coatings Association (ACA), who, working with state and local government stakeholders, passed the first paint stewardship law in the United States in the state of Oregon in 2009. This legislation provided for a pilot program for an industry-led program to manage postconsumer (leftover) paint. The program in Oregon was made permanent in June 2013.

PaintCare has also set up programs in California and Connecticut and is planning programs for four other states that have passed similar legislation: Rhode Island, Vermont, Minnesota and Maine. We expect similar legislation to be introduced in several other states in the next few years.

Prior to PaintCare, the best options for residents to recycle or dispose of unwanted paint were government-run household hazardous waste (HHW) facilities and special one-day “round-up” events with limited days, hours and locations. In states with PaintCare, many new paint drop-off locations are established, mostly at paint retailers who volunteer to take back paint. These retailers take back paint during regular business hours making paint recycling and disposal much more convenient for the public.

In parts of the U.S. that previously instructed people to dry out old latex paint and put it in the trash, we now encourage people to take it to a PaintCare drop-off site so we can sort it and recycle more paint. Post-consumer paint can be collected for reuse, recycling, energy recovery, or safe disposal, but doing so requires public awareness and a convenient and effective infrastructure that exceeds local government budgets and capacity in many parts of the United States.

Click here to find your closest donation station.

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Best Practices For Organizing Your Garage


Many folks feel that getting their garage in order is an overwhelming project. In fact it can often be too hard to handle in the course of a weekend if left to their own devices and skill set. Quite honestly, this is why Board Certified Professional Organizers keep so very busy!

I would like to inspire you to create room for yours cars in the garage if they are not already living inside. The garage after all, was designed for your cars which are typically worth tens of thousands of dollars. Automobiles and vehicles are one of the largest investments we make, falling right behind the investment in our homes. In the past 12 years as a pro organizer, I have found that the value of my clients cars always outweigh the value of whatever is currently in their garage and blocking safe passage for the cars.

Here is what my client had to say about getting her garage organized and orderly!


To help you get inspired to get going, here is the real life case study from this client project:

Situation: The garage had become a holding zone for household items and memories. These items were not properly contained or stored and took up way too much space.


The garage had a built in work table that had turned in to a dump zone – does that sound familiar to anyone out there?

Also – all of my client’s signs, which were vital to his business, were scattered around the garage, getting bent and beat up but most importantly were not easily accessed on the fly.

Three bicycles were absorbing a large amount of the usable floor space.

The only vehicle that could fit into the garage was the BMW motorcycle. Two brand new cars had never been inside the garage and the cars they replaced had not seen the inside of the garage for over 3 years!

Solution: We purged the unnecessary and then organized the remaining objects into plastic containers. I then created zones for holiday, sports, business, gardening, auto detailing and big box overflow of household items.


We scheduled a hazardous waste pick up for the old cans of paint, and chemicals. By the way, the City of Carlsbad will pick up hazardous chemicals for only $10. Most cities offer this service – check with your waste disposal company.

I advised my clients to get rid of the free-standing old-fashioned workbench that had been inherited and move the saw onto the remaining built-in workbench. This allowed us to move the tool chest from the back wall next to the workbench – makes sense right?

bike in garage

We hung the bicycles from the ceiling which enabled us to move the motorcycle safely into the back corner.

Eliot signs 2 - Version 2

Once the back wall was cleared, we were able to set up a zone for the realtor signs and hang them off the ground for safe-keeping.

Results: My client just texted me that he sold the old workbench for $150 – Yay!

The workbench is set up for sawing, drilling and general handyman projects.

A friend was thrilled to pick up the no longer used automobile restoration materials.

After left wall

The zones are set up and easily maintainable for holiday decor, sporting equipment and more.

After full view

The work bench is ready and open for household projects!

workbench cleaned

Two cars, one motorcycle and three bicycles are now safely living in their garage!

cars in garage

If you are a ‘do it yourself’ type and want detailed instructions to get your entire home organized from the front door to the back, check out my online training course –  Home Organizing Made Simple.

I have to add this side note:  If you or anyone you know is getting ready to buy or sell a house in the San Diego area – reach out to Eliot Rachman at 760 828 4474. He is amazing! He has helped several of my clients sell and buy their perfect homes and has been in the top 1/2 percent of all  Century 21 Real Estate Advisors worldwide for the past 5 years. He is a true professional and always does the right thing for his clients!


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What to do with Laptop & Cellphone Batteries

Laptop, Cell phone and MP3 batteries should be recycled.These types of batteries contain potentially toxic heavy metals sealed up inside, and if thrown out with the regular garbage can jeopardize the environmental integrity of both landfills and incinerator emissions.  Some Goodwill locations will accept these items.  Find your closest Goodwill recycle station here

Call2Recycle provides recycling for these old batteries and more. To find a collection location in your community, visit call2recycle.org and enter your zip code.


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What to do with Dead Batteries

If you hesistate to toss your batteries in to the trash, you are thinking ‘green’. The challenge that I see with many of my clients is that they dont want to toss thier old batteries into the trash but they dont have any idea what to do with them.

Here is one strategy: Store your old batteries in a container and when it’s full, take them to your local Staples.

If you have any really old batteries made before 1997, please do not ever put them straight into the trash. 1997 is when Congress mandated a widespread mercury phase-out in batteries of all types. All of these older batteries may contain as much as 10 times the mercury of newer versions.

Regardless of their age, even the newer batteries still contain trace amounts of mercury and other potentially toxic stuff so they should also be recycled.

You can also get more bang for your buck and reduce battery waste by using rechargable batteries.

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Recycle your Old Ink Cartridges

Don’t toss them into the trash!

Did you know that USPS provides free mail in envelopes for your ink cartridges and cell phones? Customers can get free mail-back envelopes for recycling inkjet cartridges, cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras and other small electronics.

Or if you want to make a bit of money, take them to Staples and they will give you a $2 gift voucher for every cartridge you return.


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Where to Recycle Your Old Electronics

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (visit site), electronic waste can contain “hazardous materials, such as lead, mercury, and hexavalent chromium, in circuit boards, batteries, and color cathode ray tubes (CRTs).”

The EPA also says that electronic waste has valuable materials, which “conserves natural resources and avoids the air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, that are caused by manufacturing new products.”

A great way to get rid of your old dinosaur televisions and other electronics is to use a company called Ecollective

Ecollective has hundreds of convenient drop-off locations where you can recycle your unwanted and obsolete electronics. By choosing to recycle your e-waste at an ecollective location you can feel safe knowing that your data is destroyed and that all of your e-waste is recycled properly. It’s simple – just enter your zip code on their site, find your closest ecollective location and take it back for good.


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Recycle your Television

There are over 99 million tv’s in the US alone and only 14% of our disposed e-waste is recycled. That number needs to improve don’t you think? Do your part and take your old tv’s to Goodwill. They have a program called ReConnect that is sponsored by Dell Computers so they will take and then recycle your old giant electronics. Find your closest Goodwill recycle station here


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Recycle Your Used or Old Holiday Cards to Charity

As you clean up after the holidays, you might have a pile of holiday cards lying around that you received last year. Here is a win-win solution and a challenge for you and one of the easiest ways for you to donate to a good cause! St. Judes Ranch gladly accepts used greeting cards and recycles them to raise money. You will only need an envelope and postage to complete this task.

So go ahead and sort through that stack of cards. As you examine your pile of cards, be honest with yourself and keep only the cards that have significant meaning. Remember this – you are not obligated to keep the cards with your friends and family photos on them! Only save them if you absolutely love them. Remember it is the thought behind the card that counts! You can look at each photo card and say ‘my, how they have grown’ and then recycle it.

Please keep only the cards that have significant meaning to your life.

Over the course of a lifetime, if you dont use discretion and hold onto every greeting card you receive, you will end up storing and taking care of literally thousands of cards. Trust me, I witness these massive collections and get paid to get rid of thousands of cards every year!

So, go ahead, get rid of your clutter and purge the cards that you dont need. Sort through your cards, put the photo cards into your recycle bin and send the rest off to St Judes to repurpose and multiply their value again!

Here are the details about the program:

To Donate Your Cards:

Year round, St. Judes happily accepts used all-occasion greeting cards. Please review the following tips before sending in your donation.

Card Donating Tips:

  • All types of greeting cards, including Christmas are accepted.
  • Only the card front can be used (please check to be sure the backside of the front of the card is clear of any writing, etc.)
  • We can not accept Hallmark, Disney or American Greeting cards
  • 5″ x 7″ size or smaller is preferred
  • To mail large quantities in the least expensive way, use the United States Post Office in a Flat Rate Box (available at the Post Office), which holds up to 70 pounds
  • Mail donations to :
  • St. Jude’s Ranch for Children
  • Recycled Card Program
  • 100 St. Jude’s Street
  • Boulder City, NV 89005
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How to Get Organized, Recycle and Move Your Excess Forward

How to Get Organized, Recycle and Move Your Excess Forward

This is the perfect time to move your bounty forward – Here are a few tips to help you clear your clutter, donate to your favorite charity and dispose of hazardous eWaste responsibly.


When you get a new appliance to replace the old, make sure to let go of your old one!

Old Electronics

Recycle at your local Goodwill. This helps the environment and your community

The Dell Reconnect Program – Dell is the first major computer manufacturer to ban the export of non-working electronics to developing countries as part of its global policy on responsible electronics disposal.

Reconnect has recycled nearly 96 million pounds of computer equipment to date.

What they recycle:


Computers (Desktop & Laptop)



Hard Drives



Cords & Cables

Ink & Toner Cartridges



Microsoft Zune®


Cell Phones


Electrical Cords 

If you end up in that box of electrical cords do a quick assessment. Are all of the electric and electronic gadgets you own hooked up and working? If so, you can let go and donate your jumble of old cords.

Dead Batteries 

The SD County Library system recycles old batteries. Collect them in a bin and take them to your local library. If you live outside of this area, check this website to find out where you can recycle.

Prior to dropping off the batteries, residents should cover the positive ends of the batteries with tape and place them in a sealed plastic bag.


Bring in a sealed bag with your old lightbulbs to your local IKEA for recycling. They can even be donated once broken.

Your old bulbs go through a separation process into glass, powder and mercury. Separated mercury goes through a process of triple distillation which takes away all contamination (mercury has a tendency to attract other materials).

After the triple distillation is finished the mercury is reused.

Boxes and Old Gift Wrap

Don’t just throw in your regular trash bin, Recycle them!

Peanuts, foam packing nuts

Take these to your local pack and ship store. This helps support local business and recycles at the same time.


Metal – Take to your local dry cleaner. Supports local business and keeps them out of landfills.

Plastic – donate to your favorite charity

Old Cell Phones 

Domestic violence programs accept old cell phones. The Hopelines program through Verizon also brings old cell phones to those in need.


Artificial Christmas trees have a negative effect to our environment. They are manufactured with PVC which is a non-biodegradable, petroleum-derived plastic. In addition, many older tree varieties may contain lead.

The Christmas tree industry employs more than 100,000 Americans and now almost every community in the US recycles live trees after the holidays into mulch.

Old Holiday Cards – My personal favorite!

St. Jude’s Ranch Recycled Card Program, which benefits the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. Launched more than 30 years ago as a thank-you to donors by using the previous year’s Christmas cards to turn them into “new” cards, the special cards are sold to raise money for the ranch’s programs. People from all over the world send their used greeting cards for all occasions.

Children at St. Jude’s Ranch learn entrepreneurship skills and participate in making the new cards by removing the front and attaching a new back so that customers receive “green” holiday cards for their use.

The address is St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, Recycled Card Program, 100 St. Jude’s St., Boulder City, NV 89005, and the phone number (877) 977-7572.

Other Recycling Tips

If you dont see the recycling location you need, check out www.earth911.com

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