Simplify your life!

What can you do to simplify your life? Think about the areas in your life where you feel the most stressed. Is it your home, your office, food preparation or the chaos in your garage? These are a few of the areas in our lives that can contribute to stress.

This week, choose the most stressful area in your life. Map out the problem and spend a few minutes each day this week tackling a portion of it. Attack it with the full intention of creating order and simplifying the issue.

For instance, if you never seem to have time for fun, you have a time management challenge. Consider everything that you spend time on throughout your week. Sneak in a few minutes each day to do something you enjoy or simply nothing at all. I guarantee that your week won’t fall apart while you do this. In fact, you might muster up so much energy from this quick break that you finish the remaining tasks in record time!

If your challenge is the garage or family room, start working your way into the mess by collecting and donating the items that you no longer need. This newly created space will help you formulate the game plan necessary to create order within this disorganized space.

If you can’t ever seem to eat balanced meals and get stressed thinking about cooking and/or eating junk food, consider preparing quick healthy foods on Sunday evenings before your workweek begins.

If you can’t seem to fulfill your obligations, this is the perfect excuse to downsize your schedule. Beg off on some of your previous commitments. Honor yourself and the others to whom you have made these commitments. Admit that you can’t necessarily handle what you thought you could when you first agreed to volunteer. You are not a super heroe and there is nothing wrong with admitting that you simply need to let go of a few commitments.

Simplify and let go to increase your sanity and fully enjoy the spring season!

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