“What is your muck?” Interview – Christine Fonseca

Kathi interviews author Christine Fonseca during her How to Master Your Muck book tour.


Kathi: Okay, here I am at Barnes and Noble at the Educators’ Reception. And I’m speaking with Christine Fonseca. And I am asking this dear woman, what is your muck, Christine?

Christine: Where do I even start about my muck? I would say my muck is all my writing stuff scattered and strewn all over my desk. Because you know, us creative types, when we get a good idea, everything is scattered everywhere. That’s my muck. It’s very hard to master it.

Kathi: Papers.

Christine: Papers everywhere, pens, post-its. If it’s been a really long writing session, way too many of these.

Kathi: That could be muck.

Christine: Yeah, absolutely. Well, as you know, then we don’t always throw it away fast enough and then it just kind of collects.

Kathi: Sure.

Christine: And the once spotless, organized area has all gone to heck in a hand basket as we try to figure out our creative ideas, and justify that it’s okay that it’s all a train wreck now.

Kathi: That’s right. Well, you’ve put out a couple books. Why don’t you tell us about your books here?

Christine: Well, I write non-fiction books about giftedness, and so this one is for parents and for educators about the emotional aspects of giftedness. And this one is for kids, it’s my favorite. I’m very pleased with this. It’s a brand new release and it covers everything for gifted kids from school to working with friends, to family, mastering expectations, and kind of getting a handle on things in life.

Kathi: Well, thank you very much.

Christine: Thank you.

Kathi: I appreciate you muckness.

Christine: Thank you!

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