How a Client Organized Her Home-Based Business Paperwork: Day 2

Situation: A scientist and entrepreneur has a home-based business and multiple investments. She and her husband have too much paperwork and need a system for paper flow and organization.


Challenge: The client has kept pay stubs and other paperwork for the last twelve years saved by her husband who is reluctant to get rid of it. They are also not sure what paperwork they need to keep for their investments.


Solution: We separated and organized all of their paperwork and filed it using the the Freedom Filer file system. We taught the client’s wife how to use the system so she can keep their paperwork in control. If the client decides to keep the old pay stubs and paperwork, they will be stored in separate boxes and not incorporated into the Freedom Filer system.

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2 Responses to How a Client Organized Her Home-Based Business Paperwork: Day 2

  1. lori arnold says:

    would like info to organize both professional & home offices.

    • Kathi Burns says:

      Hi Lori,

      I have created a special report and have also written a book about organizing for small businesses, whether they are operated in a home office or an offsite office space.

      My special report is titled Simple Office Organizing can be found here.

      My book, How to Master Your Muck is completely designed to take you through creating systems for small business organizing and covers everything from contact database management to office design and layout as well as all areas in between. Click here to learn more about my book.

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